Sangatsu no Lion Episode #21

Here’s the Kawamoto sisters as they enjoy the view of the cherry blossoms! Ah, it would be nice if Rei Kiriyama joined them…

But unfortunately, he’s stuck with Kai Shimada as Rei-kun went to Yamagata because Kai-san couldn’t go back to his hometown by himself. After all, he has a stomachache and Shimada let his friends down after losing 4 games to Master Touji Souya.

Still, the only thing that he can do in Yamagata is to enjoy the festivities together with the chairman of the Shogi Association. Then again, the 8th dan player is not feeling well!

Meanwhile, here’s Harunobu Nikaidou as he’s dressed up as a shogun for the upcoming human shogi event.

Yeah, he looks like Shingen Takeda minus the fan!

Also, here’s Morio Shigeta… or should I say a guy who looks like Shigeta.

I don’t know, but this guy is a bit scrawny to be like one of Kai Shimada’s students!

Anyways, this is the human shogi match where players command human pieces until one of them declared checkmate against the opponent.

By the way, Harunobu Nikaidou won this event and I hope he has a bright future ahead!

Meanwhile, looks like Kai Shimada is starting to enjoy the festivities, which Rei Kiriyama is surprised to see how the elders love him whether he got a bad day or not.

Still, these festivities in Yamagata has brought life in the community, especially the elders where they’re isolated most of the time!

Lastly, here’s Someji Kawamoto as he came up with a new product for his Japanese confectionery shop, which looks like a snowman but it has various fillings like chestnut paste, strawberries, etc.

Heck, even Momo loves the design of Someji’s newest creation that it would be a waste to eat it, right? Nah, this new product will be a hit!

And now, let’s end this week’s episode with Rei Kiriyama arriving at the Kawamoto residence. Welcome back there, Rei-kun!

Anyways, tune in next week for the final episode of Sangatsu no Lion!

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  1. Karandi says:

    This was a very upbeat episode compared to some and it feels like there’s a lot of positivity for the characters.

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