Seiren Episode #10

This is Hikari Tsuneki again as she’s got a date in Christmas Eve! Then again, I think she’ll decline it and besides, I’m questioning Tsuneki’s role to this current story arc.

Also, here’s Ikuo Nanasaki as he scored a date with a girlfriend which Ikuo met her since grade school.

That leaves Shouichi Kamita spending his Christmas Eve all by himself. That’s sucks for him!

On the other hand, seems that Kyouko Touno’s story arc will be over after Shouichi found this lovely girl sleeping inside the Home Economics Club room.

Well, it’s unfortunate that Kyouko’s arc will end abruptly…

Just kidding, this is actually Kyouko Touno wearing a skimpy costume ’cause Koharu Uno and Nao Tokioka want to!

You know, she’s getting beautiful every day but it’ll be a waste for Shouichi Kamita to score a date on his childhood friend.

Then again, seems that Shouichi won’t get a date with Kyouko-chan after all as she refused to do so. Damn, what a wasted opportunity and everyone is gonna mock Kamita-kun including Tsuneki!

Anyways, tune in next time to see if the situation has changed between Shouichi and Kyouko-chan.

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