Urara Meirochou Episode #10

And now, it’s time for the promotion test for all aspiring girls to reach 9th-class Ura and beyond!

Heck, Chiya is excited to participate and achieve her dreams, much to Kon Tatsumi’s worrisome attitude that she might fail the test.

By the way, Tokie-san will be the exam proctor as she warned everyone that the test will be as torturous as it gets.

Oh yeah, and she provided everyone with whistles just in case something horrible happened. Why? Because this year’s promotion exam will be a team effort as they must traverse a large maze!

Anyways, the Natsume-ya representatives are now inside the labyrinth which is called “The Belly of the Cursed Serpent”.

Here, they must avoid traps while finding a key-shaped arrow and escape the maze. Still, it’s easier said than done as Kon and her friends are always getting caught in traps, especially when pulling out fake key arrows.

Also, seems that Chiya-chan is very curious about that rope that she pulled it, even though it’s served as a trap!

And it did as the girls fell down to some tunnel until they reach to some room that might trap them. Thanks a lot for ruining it, Chiya!

But then again, I guess I have to forgive her as they finally found the real key arrow that’ll land themselves to a promotion.

Still, Kon Tatsumi is such as party pooper as she pulled it away when Koume Yukimi, Nono Natsume, and Chiya-chan wanted to pull the arrow together! Anyways, looks like they’re done finding the key arrow.

Unfortunately, seems that Chiya was left behind as some unknown force just dragged her into the abyss. Yeah, that’s so scary and not only that, but it appears that this entity is calling Chiya as a cursed girl or some sort.

With that said, looks like Kon Tatsumi and the rest must find Chiya on the next episode or something bad might happen to her!

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