Little Witch Academia Episode #10

On this episode, Sucy Manbavaran caught a bee that it’s not poisonous as she hoped for, but rather a special one that injects an aphrodisiac substance that turns everyone into a love maniac upon gazing one person.

Then again, Suzy might use it for some love potion because why not?

On the other hand, here’s Hanna and Barbara as they told Atsuko Kagari and her friends that they’re going to the ball together with Diana Cavendish. Why? Because they’re total assholes for mocking the trio!

But you know what, Hanna and Barbara sticking to Diana like lackeys is very annoying!

So with that said, Akko and her friends sneak into the ball and wear formal clothes using magic.

Then again, it’s limited to just 2 hours so once it’s gone, they’re reverted to their Luna Nova uniform. It’s sucks that they didn’t increase the duration until midnight, kinda like Cinderella!

Anyways, they’re having a blast at the ballroom until a certain Andrew Hanbridge told Akko and her friends to leave.

I mean, his father hated magic that he’ll do anything to make it extinct as a statesman. Still, what a bummer to have Kagari booted out!

However, Suzy Manbavaran has other plans as remember that special bee which Suzy caught before? Well, she’s gonna let it out because it would be fun to have someone get stung and fall in love!

Yeah, even Lotte Yanson got a bad feeling about this. Now, she would have swatted the bee but Lotte just stand there and watch it unfold…

…as the bee got its first victim, Andrew Hanbridge. Oh boy, I wonder which person he’ll lay his eyes on?

Why it’s none other than Atsuko Kagari in which everyone was shocked to see the son of an Earl kissed a hand of a witch. Heck, even Hanna and Barbara fainted upon seeing it!

Also, seems that the guests are attracted to Lotte Yanson including Andrew’s friend Frank. Well, the aphrodisiac is stronger in this one!

Meanwhile, Andrew’s father is very angry that he let some witches in his manor, which is ironic as Lord Hanbridge invited Diana Cavendish and her two friends who are also witches.

Still, Lord Hanbridge insists that he wants his son to become an influential statesman just like him. Of course, that means forcing Andrew to throw anything unnecessary like playing the piano, witches, etc.

But you know what, forget what Lord Hanbridge said to Andrew as Atsuko Kagari told him that you need to follow your dreams instead of being tied to your fate!

After all, Akko wants to be like Shiny Chariot despite being born without magic!

With that said, the bee chase ends when Akko smacks the love-spreading bee along with Lord Hanbridge. Yeah, that’ll make him more angry after being swatted by Akko!

Oh, and the magic has ended as Kagari’s clothes were reverted to their school uniforms. Not only that, but the bee’s spell is broken and everyone returned to normal.

However, looks like Lotte Yanson was attracted by Andrew’s friend Frank. No, he’s not affected by the bee’s spell or anything, it’s just that Frank saw how cute and homely she is.

Still, Lotte told him that they’ll remain friends for now because c’mon, she’s a witch and Frank is a rich kid! But anyways, I’ll see you next week but damn, Lotte got lucky that someone’s got a crush on her! Only time will tell if they become lovers…

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