Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #11

This episode is brought you by the Manias because everything is better with idols (for some people).

Heck, even Tamotsu Denkigai agrees even though he’s into that stuff from Episode 3! Well, at least there’s no trouble on this week’s episode…

…except that there is one as it looks like someone is impersonating the Denkigai Mayonnaise and do bad things in order to incriminate the real one!

Oh yeah, seems that one of them might be the Matome-like character that appeared in last week’s episode.

But anyways, time for Tamotsu Denkigai and Arisa Ahokainen to strip those two lackeys because even though they’re big, it’s just that Tamotsu and Arisa have experience when it comes to dealing with the Bugged Ones!

On the other hand, Matome is dealing with this doppelganger as she uses her trusty bat to parry the impostor’s attacks.

But then again, seems that the doppelganger is somewhat stronger that Matome’s clothes got ripped in a flash. Yeah, this ain’t looking good for Mayonaka!

Fortunately, Tamotsu Denkigai managed to rescue Matome but the impostor got away before stripping Mayonaka completely.

Well, at least they cleared their name in time for the Akiba Festival…

…until it was reported that the festival is cancelled and the government decided to ban everything that’s Akihabara-related, including doujinshi, street performances, maid, etc.

But seriously, is Metrotica decided to go political by incriminating otaku culture? I mean, this news announcer is working for that evil organization for goodness sake!

Lastly, seems that someone attacked Tamotsu that he lost his Hazoku powers and died on the spot… again! Yeah, this is getting a bit downer for this week’s episode.

Anyways, tune in next week as Akihabara is in lockdown thanks to Metrotica!

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