ChäoS;Child Episode #10

Looks like both Serika Onoe and Takuru Miyashiro are having the time of their lives!

But then again, everyone thinks that Takuru is crazy that he has an imaginary friend. Yeah, it was created because Takuru’s parents neglect him due to work!

That’s where Takuru Miyashiro told everyone at the Freesia Office on how he created Serika Onoe, which later granted physical form after the climax of the New Generation Madness murders.

Yeah, it’s sad that Takuru is very lonely that Serika was made in the first place. But this is the present and he got the likes of Hinae Arimura, Shinji Itou, and Nono Kurusu. C’mon, he’s no longer alone!

Speaking of Serika Onoe, she’s here at the Freesia Office but she’s not here to kill everyone as Serika told Takuru about the true mastermind behind the revived New Generation Madness murders.

It turns out that it was none other than Dr. Sakuma which he and Serika conspired to carry out the murders, including their attempts on killing Nono Kurusu (or Senri Minamisawa). Don’t know what happened to Nono though but I believe that she’s alive somewhere, I won’t take the news that Nono (or Senri) is dead!

By the way, for those who are wondering who Dr. Sakuma is? He’s the doctor from Aoba Clinic that appeared in Episode 2.

Also, it turns out that Dr. Sakuma carried out the experiments at the AH Tokyo General Hospital and he’s part of the Committee, which not only responsible for the events that happened in ChäoS;HEAd but also in Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes.

But no matter though as Dr. Sakuma told both Takuru Miyashiro and Serika Onoe to meet him at the place where it all began. Not sure where is that exact location, but I fear that it might be a trap that everyone will persecute Takuru and then the Committee will cover it up! Anyways, I’ll see you next time…

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