Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 Episode #10

Well everyone, it’s the final episode of KonoSuba Season 2 and we start off with Aqua escaping from an angry mob as they accuse her of turning their sacred hot springs into a regular one.

Still, it’s just hot water and those Axis cultists are bat-shit crazy!

But anyways, Aqua has decided to clear her name by finding out who’s responsible for tainting the hot springs. C’mon, she wants to be seen as a real goddess, not a false one!

Eventually, she and the rest of the party stumbled upon a guy named Hans. Yeah, that looks like the guy from last week’s episode.

Well it turns out that he doesn’t like the hot-springs in Arcanretia, so Hans decided to taint the water with poison. Oh, and he’s actually part of the demon army as a humanoid slime where Hans ate an Axis Church overseer because he called it a nuisance. BTW, you’ll see Hans’ true form later…

Of course, this angered Wiz that she doesn’t like non-combatants being killed indiscriminately. Hell, it’s rare to see this lich getting furious over her former ally!

But anyways, looks like Hans is getting the chills that his arm got stuck with Wiz’s ice magic!

Well, he definitely shouldn’t mess with the Ice Witch/Shopkeeper!

However, seems that Hans had enough of being the receiving end from Wiz and her friends as he transforms into a giant poisonous slime.

Yeah, he looks like an abomination to me, which is fitting since this is the strongest general of the demon lord army!

Meanwhile, here’s Aqua as she tries to purify the hot springs even though she’s getting hurt due to Hans’ poisonous slime.

Well, I give props to Aqua for doing that but her “supporters” won’t believe her!

Not until the angry mob showed up and decided to stop hunting down Aqua and instead help her.

Heck, she’s getting some healing magic from the Axis Church!

Still, the only way to beat Hans is to lure him so that Megumin can beat him with her handy-dandy Explosion magic!

That’s where Kazuma Satou becomes the bait as he run towards a trap…

…and fall down to his doom so that Hans can join Kazuma on their way to hell! Then again, Kazuma will get revived by Eris later on.

Now then, time for Megumin to do her usual thing as she blow the slime with her Explosion magic…

…followed by Wiz as she freeze Hans with her Cursed Crystal Prison. Yeah, that’ll take care of that Deadly Poison Slime!

Well, except that Hans is tougher as he still survived those two attacks.

For a monster who’s weak at first, seems that this slime refused to die!

But nothing to worry about as Aqua is about to unleash her final attack: the God Blow!

Yeah, that should beat Hans but it’s not enough to destroy the slime with just a single punch.

Fortunately, looks like Aqua’s followers are giving her spiritual support because she’s a goddess, which is nice for Aqua as she’s ready to unleash her another final attack!

Yeah, it’s just another punch but her left hook called God Requiem can destroy that poison slime with relative ease.

And here’s the aftermath as Hans is defeated and Arcanretia is safe and sound!

Of course, I wonder if the Axis Church followers forgive Aqua for messing their hot springs?

Unfortunately, turns out that they still hate her for turning their sacred hot springs into a regular one, which in turn drove Aqua and the rest out of Arcanretia! Also, looks like Wiz is fading out and she’s about to join Verdia in the afterlife.

Yeah, seems that their source of income is gone for the Axis cultists, so I guess that they won’t be aggressive on recruiting others for their cause, right? Nah, I still think that the Axis Church faithful will do it regardless!

Oh yeah, and here’s Kazuma Satou as he’s finally returned from the dead thanks to Eris. But that’s about it for this 2nd season of Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

I have to admit that Studio DEEN did a great job on Season 2 and it’s still as wacky as the first one. Of course, I wish that the likes of Lord Aldarp will reappear on the next season as well as introducing new ones, so maybe we might have Season 3 of KonoSuba down the line for next year or two.

In any case, kudos to Studio DEEN for this adaptation! Sucks that Aqua won’t go back to Arcanretia because her followers hate her!

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