Kuzu no Honkai Episode #10

Oh yeah, let’s start this week’s episode with a shot of Akane Minagawa’s tits!

Too bad that she became a slut ever since Minagawa had her first experience in high school…

Of course, that doesn’t stop Mugi Awaya from loving Akane-san because even though she had slept with other men!

That begs the question for Minagawa on why she wanted to continue this stupid life of being a nymphomaniac. I mean, there are two people that truly love her: Mugi Awaya and Narumi Kanai!

And speaking of Kanai, seems that no matter how she wanted to leave him, Narumi-san still won’t let Akane Minagawa go even if someone told him that Minagawa is a slut. I mean, he’s an honest guy who wanted to have a normal and proper date instead of going to a random love hotel and have casual sex with Minagawa just like her previous male partners.

Still, Narumi-san is so kind and honest that it makes Akane-san felt sick to her stomach. But you know what, I think Kanai should leave Minagawa behind because she’s a fucking hopeless slutty bitch, and she’s beyond saving at this point! Then again, both Narumi-san and Mugi are both hopeless that they still love Akane Minagawa.

Anyways, let’s end this week’s episode with Mugi Awaya asking Akane Minagawa for a date. Even though she sees it as a waste of time, it would be bad if Minagawa didn’t accept Awaya as he’s still a fool when it comes to love!

Now then, there’s two more episodes to go and I hope that there would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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