Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #11

Hey look, it’s Kojurou Shuri as he rehearsing his role as Snow White. C’mon, his feminine looks is fitting for Class B’s stage play!

Heck, even Tae Futaba is fired up on Kojurou-kun’s leading role. After all, she pushed for it but her version of Snow White would have been smooth-sailing if it wasn’t for Aki Adagaki’s followers!

Speaking of Aki Adagaki, she’s joined by Kanetsugu Gasou as they also prepare for their Snow White stage play.

Also, seems that Kanetsugu has a secret too as he started out as a poor kid and therefore decided to have Aki-sama’s hand in marriage by pretending that he’s Masamune in order to get rich.

Yeah, Gasou is here for the money, not true love! Not only that, but having him impersonating the real Makabe would be very insulting since Masamune-kun became a hot guy after burning a lot of fat just to one-up Adagaki!

But anyways, the school festival has arrived and it appears that Class A went ahead by nabbing Masamune Makabe while he’s sick, then lock him up to a room where one of Aki-sama’s admirers guard him.

By the way, this girl and countless others praised Adagaki for mocking countless guys, which isn’t surprising since they become fans of Aki-sama. And yet, they’re not aware of Aki’s true nature that her cruel princess attitude is a facade to hide her insecurities!

On the other hand, seems that Kanetsugu got trapped by someone else that he might miss the stage play later, which his class will be the first one to perform.

Still, I wonder who tricked Gasou on leading him inside the storage room and lock him up?

Well, it’s none other than Yoshino Koiwai as she doesn’t want Kanetsugu to win over Aki-sama’s heart after the school festival.

While it seems that they’re pretty much even at this point, I feel that it’s gonna end badly for both camps!

But as for Adagaki though, she decides to carry on the stage play without the male lead. Guess that she won’t rely on either Kanetsugu or the real Masamune-kun!

Anyways, tune in next time for the final episode. On the other hand, will SILVER LINK. adapt the ending of the manga unless they’ll save it for Season 2?

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