Fuuka Episode #11

So with Fuuka Akitsuki going solo, seems that The Fallen Moon is starting to crumble without their vocalist. Heck, even Kazuya Nachi got angry at Yuu Haruna that he call it quits and went back to the track and field club.

Yeah, things aren’t looking good for Yuu-kun and the rest, but it appears that the likes of Makoto Mikasa, Sara Iwami, and the aforementioned Nachi have decided to confront their weaknesses and move forward… Well, except for Yuu Haruna who doesn’t know which path he should take.

Meanwhile, Fuuka Akitsuki is doing fine at the recording studio as she prepares for her professional debut.

Let’s hope that she’s alright there but it feels so wrong without Fuuka’s band backing her up!

On the other hand, looks like Koyuki Hinashi went to see Yuu-kun (in secret) but I don’t think her feelings won’t reach Yuu’s heart as he feared that he might get left alone…

But you know what, Koyuki will try to do the aggressive approach as she pushed Yuu-kun down and have sex with him! Then again, I don’t think Yuu-kun won’t go far with that since he and Koyuki are worlds apart. Also, you don’t want Yuu-kun getting hounded by rabid fans, right?

Still, Koyuki Hinashi won’t stop loving him even though Yuu won’t love her back. And also, I think it’s time for him to realize his dreams as well as Fuuka’s true feelings!

So, Yuu Haruna wrote a song about his thoughts and feelings for everybody, including Fuuka Akitsuki!

Glad that he has something to do but will it reach out the rest of the band?

I mean, Yuu-kun handed out the CD to Kazuya, Makoto-kun, and even Sara-sempai. However, they’re too busy with their personal lives that they don’t bother listening it.

Of course, Yuu Haruna won’t give up as he wants everyone back and perform together. Still, I think that it won’t work!

Nah, I was wrong though as Kazuya, Makoto, and Sara reached out to Yuu-kun as they’re ready to bring back The Fallen Moon from hiatus!

Now the only thing missing is Fuuka-chan…

Then again, seems that she’s conflicted on either becoming a professional singer or going back to her band that she formed with her friends. Yeah, she received Yuu’s CD but Fuuka can’t decide it right away.

Anyways, I’ll see you next week for the final episode. Let’s hope that it’ll have a nice ending for this anime series!

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