Seiren Episode #11

Well, here’s the penultimate episode as Kyouko Touno seems troubled. Could it be that she regretted on not inviting Shouichi Kamita for a date after the school festival? It might be, but I guess that Kyouko got a bit busy with the Home Economics Club.

And besides, Kyouko is in her puberty stage when she’s slowly turning into a fine lady!

That is until this truck is about to hit Kyouko-chan. Dammit, it’s like Fuuka Episode 10 all over again!

Fortunately, Shouichi managed to rescue Kyouko-chan from certain demise because he doesn’t want his childhood friend getting killed on the spot.

Way to go Kamita-kun, but I’m sad that you’re still friend-zoned to Touno!

Then again, since that they’re relationship has upgraded… to neighbors. Nah, that’s worse than friends! Still, I think that Shouichi will have a chance to score a date with Kyouko-chan after the school festival.

Heck, she gave him hand-crafted boxers as a gift, which is weird because girls usually make scarves as gifts and not undies. But anyways, let’s hope that Shouichi will get a golden ending next week!

Lastly, here’s this weird guy wearing a crimson mask. And you though that it was a random guy, but it was actually Ikuo Nanasaki…

…who basically made a fool of himself by pretending that he’s some tokusatsu hero, which then made an epic failure by landing at the wrong side. But the reason why Ikuo is acting like that is because he didn’t score a date, which I feel bad for him as Shouichi is experiencing the same friend-zone feeling.

Still, I wish Ikuo Nanasaki would get better on the final episode, but damn he’s feeling depressed right now! Anyways, see you next time for the conclusion of Kyouko Touno’s story arc.

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