Urara Meirochou Episode #11

Here’s the penultimate episode where Koume Yukimi, Kon Tatsumi, amd Nono Natsume are supposed to escape the maze together with Chiya, but they decided to find her along with the key.

Yeah, they’re worried that Chiya will be lost forever!

Meanwhile, seems that Chiya is fending off evil spirits which they mocked her for being the cursed child of a traitor urara named Yami.

Yes, Chiya’s mother got a name but she doesn’t know if Yami is still inside the Labyrinth Town. Still, Chiya is doomed at the evil hands are strangling her to death!

But that’s until this creature appeared to protect Chiya from those creepy hands. By the way, this rabbit-like spirit is named Kurou and it’s somewhat related to Chiya in regards to her “cursed” nature.

No matter though as Chiya is safe and sound…

Oh, and it looks like she finally found her friends by carving her way through the maze!

Of course, it wouldn’t be possible without Kurou as this creature chomped Chiya’s head, which everyone got scared upon seeing it!

But don’t worry though as Chiya is fine, it’s just that Kurou love to eat her head much. Still, they need to act quickly as the promotion exam is reaching its conclusion!

With that said, they finally reached the exit and now Chiya and her friends need to insert the key and unlock the door.

Let’s hope that it’s not a trap or anything, otherwise their efforts will be wasted!

But nope, they actually got out alive as the girls from Natsume-ya received cheers from other participants. Now, Chiya and the rest have become 9th-class Urara and damn I’m so proud of them for passing the exam!

And that’s about it for this week’s episode. Tune in next time for the final episode as Chiya and her friends might do random stuff or find more clues about her missing mother.

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