Rewrite Episode #23

Hey look, it’s Kotori Kanbe as she shows her familiars to Koutarou Tennouji. I don’t know if she made it from her deceased dog, but Koutarou sees it as a disruption to the circle of life. I mean, you can’t bring the dead back!

Still, Koutarou Tennouji doesn’t want Kotori to participate in the final battle between Guardian and Gaia, even if it means killing off her parents. Yeah, that’s harsh from Tennouji!

But anyways, Koutarou Tennouji will carry out his plan to stop both Gaia and Guardian for killing each other and triggering Earth’s demise when Kagari goes bat-shit crazy.

Yeah, it looks like he’s not gonna take any allegiance to both factions anymore!

Meanwhile, Shuuichirou Suzaki got caught by Sougen Esaka and the rest of Guardian. But instead of asking him questions about the Key’s location and Sakura Kashima’s plan…

…it appears that Suzaki got the head-shot instead by Tennouji. Welp, looks like Shuuichirou-san wasn’t the final boss after all, which is a shame really as he looked like one!

So with Shuuichirou Suzaki out of the picture, looks like Koutarou will have to deal with Sakura Kashima’s senile plan of wiping out humanity.

On the other hand, here’s Koutarou-kun as he met his team-mates and two certain kids named Lucia Konohana and Shizuru Nakatsu.

Yeah, Arata Imamiya was shocked that Touka Nishikujou became a mother of these two girls, only for Touka refuted that both Lucia and Shizuru are adopted by Guardian due to their superpowers. Jokes on you, Imamiya!

Afterwards, he went to see Kagari as she wanders around the forest. Would it be bad if Sakura Kashima get her hands on the Key!

Of course, he won’t give the Key to Kashima as Tennouji is guarding Kagari even if it means becoming a tree after rewriting himself. Also, I forgot that there’s one person who’s aware of Koutarou’s betrayal…

Yes, it’s Esaka-san as he confronts his student for a showdown. By the way, he’s still stronger than Koutarou Tennouji so the only way to beat Sougen Esaka is to rewrite his own body.

And he did as Koutarou Tennouji defeats his master using his original blood-controlling powers. Well, I’d say congratulations to Koutarou for surpassing Sougen Esaka!

Still, Koutarou thanked Esaka-san for turning him into a man. Of course, he’s not gonna waste time for reminiscing some tender moments as Tennouji has a job to accomplish… and that’s showing Kagari some fond memories of humanity, even if he decides to force them to change their ways!

Well, except for Sakura Kashima as she’s one step closer of realizing her dream of punishing humanity.

Will Tennouji told Kashima that there’s still potential for humans to change and avoid destruction of Earth? We’ll find that out on the final episode!

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