Sangatsu no Lion Episode #22

This is the final episode where unfortunately for Rei Kiriyama, he’ll have to repeat a year due to missing the amount of classes from the previous academic year.

Yeah, it’s a bit awkward that he’s one year older than his peers, and it’s sucks that Kiriyama is always alone throughout the whole time!

This worried Takeshi Hayashida as he wants Kiriyama to experience high school instead of being the lonely kid.

So, Hayashida-sensei suggested to Rei-kun on making a shogi club where he can play the game with other people and sometimes teach them to do better. Still, nobody would play shogi as high school students are busy with other things.

Fortunately, Hayashida-sensei found some members in the form of the After School Bunsen Club, which they’re struggling to find members due to being a weird science club.

But since Rei-kun is the only member of the newly-formed shogi club while the After School Bunsen Club has four, Hayashida-sensei decided to combine both clubs to meet with the minimum requirement of 5 members. Now Kiriyama can teach the likes of Noguchi on how to play shogi while doing scientific experiments.

Still, I’m glad that he’s not alone as Kiriyama has someone to lean on when there’s trouble, even though Noguchi will be graduating soon since he’s a senior now. Also, I don’t want him acting like a lonely kid anymore!

Nevertheless, life goes on for Rei-kun as he need to deal with upcoming promotion matches and stuff. While his rivals are catching up to him especially Harunobu Nikaidou, it’s time for Rei Kiriyama to step it up starting in spring!

But for now, that’s about it for Sangatsu no Lion. I have to say that it was a decent series to watch and it has some moments thanks to Studio Shaft, coupled with a subtle art style that’s unusual for a studio to do wacky animation on their previous shows. As for Rei Kiriyama, I guess he changed a bit but Kiriyama has a long way to go before becoming a master like Touji Souya.

Fortunately, there would be a sequel in the near future because c’mon, NHK wants to promote shogi and their sponsored competition! Still, I’m glad that the story will continue but for now, it’s time to say good-bye to Rei-kun.

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