Little Witch Academia Episode #11

Hi everyone, here’s Atsuko Kagari as she practice her magic skills with the help of Professor Ursula. Of course, will she do it right!

Well, Akko did okay for the first time but she has a long way to go. In fact, I feel that her restoration work felt a bit odd…

Meanwhile, the Luna Nova faculty ordered Diana Cavendish to retrieve a special book at a tower somewhere in the campus, which it would become accessible when the blue moon is in full bloom.

Well, Headmistress Miranda and the rest of the teachers are concerned that magic will be wiped out soon…

And so, Diana found the tome that’ll unlock the secrets of restoring magic by uttering the Seven Words of Arcturus.

Then again, there’s no indication on what would happen if all seven words are chanted.

On the other hand, here’s Atsuko Kagari as she went to chapel during the full blue moon. Eventually, Akko stumbled upon a hidden staircase and went there to find Shiny Chariot…

…until she encountered this tree-like monster, offering Akko that she can become like Shiny Chariot but Kagari must discard her past.

Yeah, sounds like a Faustian bargain where the consequences are very heavy!

However, Akko-chan won’t take it right away as her previous mistakes and moments with her friends has help Kagari on achieving her dreams no matter what the obstacles.

With that said, she used her Shiny Rod to unlock some kind of power to defeat this monster. Well, congrats to Akko for overcoming this obstacle!

That’s because this monster turned out to be a benevolent witch named Professor Wordward, which she tested Atsuko Kagari is she’s worthy of being a witch!

But wait a minute, I wonder who is speaking to Professor Wordward?

Why it’s none other than Professor Ursula as she’s surprised that Akko managed to utter two out of seven words of Arcturus. But wait, there’s more to that as it’s revealed that Ursula is actually Shiny Chariot, which I have to say that this show is making more sense of it!

Of course, Shiny Chari- I mean Prof. Ursula thinks that Atsuko Kagari can become like the legendary witch if she continues to train harder and unlock the secrets of Chariot. With that said, I’ll be looking forward for next week’s episode now that Akko is determined to be as great as Shiny Chariot!

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