Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #12

Well look what we have here, seems that this government official got bribed by Metrotica which they wanted to control Akihabara by themselves!

Yeah and speaking of Metrotica, it appears that they’re moving onto Plan B by possessing all humans with Kurobugs. Oh, and the leader order her granddaughter Urame to eliminate Matome!

Meanwhile, it appears that Denkigai Mayonnaise are starting to fall apart as Tamotsu Denkigai lost his powers. He’s okay, but Tamotsu couldn’t strip any Hazoku or some random Bugged Ones.

Also, Arisa Ahokainen was called by her father to return to the United States as Arisa will have to take over the family business or something. That’s kinda bad for Akihabara…

…because the electric city is cracking down on otakus. Blame Metrotica for this shit!

But now, let’s focus on the battle between sisters as Urame blamed Matome for betraying her grandmother and the rest of Metrotica.

Then again, Matome sees Metrotica as a threat to humanity since they control everything from the shadows.

Anyways, it looks like Matome is in a pinch as Urabe in stronger than before thanks to stealing Hazoku powers from Tamotsu Denkigai from last week’s episode.

And speaking of Tamotsu Denkigai, he’s here as Tamotsu ran over Urabe Mayonaka with his scooter. Wait, how did he get that?

But no matter though as Tamotsu kissed Matome to get his powers back. Well guys, he’s back in business on stripping Bugged Ones!

Oh, and he got stronger too as Tamotsu Denkigai punched Urabe Mayonaka with relative ease. I guess she didn’t strip him when Urabe has a chance!

But instead, she got the stripping as Tamotsu finally defeated her. It’s obligatory, but it’s necessary to beat Metrotica!

Well then, looks like Tamotsu Denkigai has made his return, but I feel that something is missing…

Oh, maybe this girl in her American bikini might hint that Arisa Ahokainen has returned to Japan.

Scratch it, she’s back as Arisa smacked Urabe’s head with her American-size ass! ‘MURICA!

And one more thing, Prof. Tejasvi Latu and Tamotsu’s sister Niwaka are back too. Well everyone, Denkigai Mayonnaise is back in business and Metrotica are pissed about their return.

So tune in next week for the final showdown to determine the fate of Akihabara!

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