ChäoS;Child Episode #11

This is the penultimate episode and while this post only have a few pictures, I’m gonna explain some new developments right away. It turns out that Serika Onoe killed Takuru Miyashiro’s parents right after she was born from his imagination. Well, it’s their fault for being assholes to Takuru!

One more thing, turns out that Dr. Wataru Sakuma told Miyashiro to go to the place where it all began? It’s revealed that the planetarium located in Shibuya housed a machine that can amplify illusions or even mind-control a person. In any case, Takuru went to the planetarium and confront his father…

…which Dr. Sakuma is not only part of the Committee, but also responsible for doing various experiments on turning children exposed to the Shibuya earthquake into Gigalomaniacs.

Oh, and he do it for fun like forcing Shinji Itou to kill Yui Tachibana, Serika Onoe murdered Nono Kurusu (which confirmed that she’s dead), and lastly Dr. Sakuma tricked Miyashiro into killing his own imaginary friend. Who have thought that this bastard wants to break and kill Takuru for his research!

Anyways, Dr. Sakuma is ready to murder his own son using his artificial Di-sword and mask it as if Takuru committed suicide, which is then the Committee will cover the whole incident up because why not!

Naturally, Takuru got pissed and he attacked Dr. Sakuma because he’s an asshole for having his friends and family die in front of him!

That’s until Dr. Sakuma made one last attack that breaks Miyashiro’s mind to the point that he lost the will to fight. Goddammit, I don’t want to end this series like this!

But wait, there’s one more episode to go and if Takuru Miyashiro can overcome the odds like his predecessor Takumi Nishijou, he can succeed it too!

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