Kuzu no Honkai Episode #11

Here’s Hanabi Yasuraoka who is acting normal in front of her classmates after a heart-aching rejection from Narumi Kanai, as well as being left alone by Mugi Awaya.

Yeah, it’s sucks that her heart was scarred thanks to Akane Minagawa’s meddling, she should have stayed with Sanae Ebato when Hanabi has a chance!

Meanwhile, Akane-san was invited by Narumi-san to go on a vacation trip at Atami. C’mon, they’re dating even though Minagawa had a history of cheating with other men in which one man Ori Kurada hated Akane-san for her unfaithfulness.

Yet for some reason, Narumi Kanai doesn’t mind about Akane’s hobbies as long as he’s honest towards Minagawa. As much as I want Kanai leaving Minagawa behind, seems that his honesty has infected Akane-san that she’s starting to change about herself… just a bit.

Of course, they eventually had sex because that’s what Akane-san cared about! Afterwards, Narumi asked her for a hand in marriage which I got mind-blown over that announcement.

Seriously Kanai, are you gonna marry that slut? I mean, Minagawa will continue her carnal affairs to other men when you’re away! But oh well, there’s no turning back on Kanai’s decision…

Lastly, here’s Mugi Awaya as it’s his turn to date Akane-san, even though it’ll be literally the last time that they’ll have a date as Minagawa announced her marriage with Narumi Kanai.

Yeah, it was a devastating blow to Mugi-kun as he’s left with tears in his cheeks. And that’s what happens when the one you desired so much of your life won’t love you back!

So with Mugi and Hanabi heart-broken, what’s gonna happen on the final episode? Will there be a twist or the conclusion is already set in stone? We’ll find that out…

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