Masamune-kun’s Revenge Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Masamune Makabe as he broke free from the clutches of Class A. However…

…it appears that their version of Snow White is already running and without Kanetsugu Gasou, there’s no prince to kiss Aki Adagaki!

So, what will Masamune-kun do about it?

Well, he can become the replacement prince as Makabe goes to the stage at the behest of Class A. Well, they hate him for hitting on Aki-sama!

Then again, feels like the fever is getting on him and therefore Masamune-kun tripped. Yeah, that doesn’t look good for Makabe!

However, Yoshino Koiwai helped him because it was an unexpected event and therefore wanted Masamune to complete his revenge… one step at a time.

But you know what, Yoshino wanted Pig’s Foot to do it in one fell swoop instead of carrying out step-by-step!

In any case, Masamune Makabe have finally kissed Aki Adagaki even though he’s a bit groggy with his fever. I mean, he exercised in one cold night topless, not realizing that doing push-ups and climbing up to a roof without his shirt is stupid.

Oh well, at least Makabe is not a muscle-brain idiot but he did great job on not ruining a stage play from a rival class, which he wanted to beat them even though Class A is miles ahead when it comes to production and acting value. And lastly, kudos to him for doing the damn kiss on Aki-sama!

However, Adagaki punched Makabe afterwards. And so, Snow White has awakened from her poisonous slumber and lived happily ever after… except for the prince.

And since Masamune-kun participated in a rival stage place, there’s no need for Class B to do their own version of Snow White. Honestly, they should have fought it fair and square but neither Class A nor B didn’t do such chivalrous things!

With that said, let’s celebrate Class A’s non-existent victory with a karaoke party as both Aki Adagaki and Neko Fujinomiya singing together!

Well, that’s a weird way to end this series as Masamune-kun’s Revenge didn’t answer some questions like why Aki-sama called Masamune as Pig’s Foot in the first place. Also, seems that Kanetsugu Gasou is still pretending as Masamune-kun even though there’s the real one.

Maybe in the future, SILVER LINK will do a sequel but I feel that it might not happen at all. These days, they’re telling you to buy the source material in order to see the rest of the story.

Oh and as for the real Masamune-kun, he’s here to hit some notes as Makabe sings!

Then again, it end up in a massacre as Masamune’s voice has killed everyone. Well, not quite but they got a near-death experience upon hearing it.

Anyways, that’s about it for Masamune-kun’s Revenge! Will he achieve his vengeance against Aki-sama? We will never know…

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