Fuuka Episode #12

This is the final episode as The Fallen Moon are practicing in time for their second gig. While they’ll be fully-prepared after their practice session, Yuu Haruna and the rest are worried about their vocalist Fuuka Akitsuki.

In any case, they played their instruments hard like it’s their last!

Meanwhile, Fuuka met Koyuki Hinashi at the record studio as she told her about her break-up with Yuu-kun. Of course, she still loves him but Koyuki couldn’t do that in her current career as a musician.

On the other hand, Koyuki told Fuuka that The Fallen Moon’s original song “For You” has resonated her that Hinashi wanted Akitsuki to be honest with her feelings, especially towards Yuu Haruna. After all, Koyuki Hinashi told her feelings through her songs and therefore Fuuka Akitsuki should do the same. Of course, she’s conflicted on whether to return or not.

But let’s go back to Fuuka Akitsuki as her mother Suzuka brought something from Yuu Haruna…

It’s the footage from their first gig. Yeah, it looks amateurish but what Yuu wanted to convey towards Fuuka that The Fallen Moon cared about her!

Still, she couldn’t go back to her band as Fuuka wanted to focus on her solo career, yet Suzuka asked her if she’s happy with it? Well, we’ll find out soon enough…

In any case, it’s the day of the concert as Yuu-kun finally found Fuuka, yet she’s still stubborn on not returning to the band.

But you know what, I think they shouldn’t talk about the band and instead convey their feelings instead. I mean, both Yuu and Fuuka have one chance to tell it all or they might regret it!

Therefore, both of them say “I love you!” to each other and the series is finally over!

Well, it’s not yet the end though as they need to go back to their band-mates. Also, it appears that their intimate relationship has begun.

Back at Live House Muse, Kazuya Nachi is worried that both Fuuka and Yuu-kun won’t make it in time.

C’mon Nachi-sempai, believe in both of them! Heck, even both Makoto Mikasa and Sara Iwami think that the vocalist and the bassist will arrive in time!

And yes, it did happen as both Fuuka and Yuu-kun in time for The Fallen Moon’s second live gig. Well everyone, this is the happy ending for this anime adaptation!

And so, The Fallen Moon performed their second original song “Fair Wind” which was composed and written by Yuu Haruna. And much like Fuuka Akitsuku’s composed song “For You”, it deals with his feelings as well.

But that’s it for Fuuka the TV series. I have to say that Diomedia changed everything from the manga in order to create this happy ending, which is good because I don’t expect this to have another season. Had they stick with the manga plot, I bet that it’ll be worse than what we have right now.

On the other hand, this show is a bit awkward but has some moments compared to Kimi no Iru Machi, which I despise that show for being boring and nothing else. In the end, Fuuka will be a show to promote Kouji Seo’s works and are you expecting for Fuuka and Yuu to deepen their relationship? Nope, because Diomedia won’t make Season 2!

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