Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen Episode #12

It’s time for the epilogue of this series where the Showa Era has ended and went straight to modern times. While Shinnosuke has finally become a handsome young man, it appears that he’s fond of his grandfather’s career as a rakugoka that Shin wants to become the next Yakumo Yurakutei.

On the other hand, there’s Koyuki who’s fascinated by her father’s performance, yet she decides to become the listener instead of a performer… unless Koyuki becomes an idol or a seiyuu which is very different from rakugo.

Meanwhile, here’s Konatsu and while she’s still grumpy as ever, seems that Konatsu is set on becoming the first female rakugoka in history as Kosukeroku.

I have to say that rakugo have come a long way for letting women tell stories, some humorous or even bawdy. Glad that she became a rakugoka!

And here’s Eisuke Higuchi as he’s finalizing his various research and turn into a documentary about the life of Bon, from starting his rakugo career as Kikuhiko to inheriting his master’s legacy as the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei.

Also, Eisuke learned that Shinnosuke’s real father is not actually Isao Kido, but rather than the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei. However, Konatsu denied all of this and therefore we’ll never learn the truth about Shin’s biological father…

But you know what, I think it might be the reason why Shinnosuke respects his grandfather dearly and not only that, he looks similar to the young Kikuhiko!

On the other hand, here’s the 3rd Generation Sukeroku as he’s participating in a festival to mark the grand re-opening of the Uchikutei theater. Yes, the once great rakugo theater that was burned in Episode 10 has finally restored!

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that he’s no longer Sukeroku as Yotarou has inherited the name of his master, therefore becoming the 9th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei despite the opposition of some traditionalists. But yeah, Yotarou has come a long way from a prisoner to a rakugoka that not only inherit the legacies of his predecessors, but created his own style of rakugo that continues to the modern era.

One more thing, here’s Matsuda-san who was resurrected after sending the 8th Generation Yakumo to the afterlife. I guess he wanted to see his master before waking up!

Also, it turns out that Matsuda-san wanted to become a storyteller but he didn’t make the cut. However, the 7th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei took Matsuda under his wing and became a servant which he was treated well. Anyways, Matsuda-san is 95 years old and he hopes that the 9th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei and his family prosper until his last breath.

Now then, let’s go back to Shinnosuke as he prepares the opening act. By the way, he inherit the name Kikuhiko from his grandfather which I have to say that Shin-chan looked like Yakumo or Bon.

On the other hand, here’s the 9th Generation Yakumo as he gave his son a heart-to-heart talk while giving Shinnosuke (or Kikuhiko) a memento from his master: Sukeroku’s fan. It\s a reminder that he’ll carry the legacy of both Sukeroku and Yakumo throughout his life!

And speaking of Kikuhiko, gotta say that his performance was good when he performed “Hatsutenjin”, despite getting a bit nervous since Kikuhiko is doing it as the opening act!

Still, Shinnosuke will have a long road ahead before getting his own style of rakugo. For now, he’ll need to carry the legacies of his masters.

Finally, here’s the 9th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei as he’s performing “Shinigami”, the story that inspired him to become a rakugoka after leaving the criminal life.

Now, he is doing it in his master’s memory as the story reached its climax!

However, the 9th Generation Yakumo saw his master and predecessor of the Yakumo name. I guess that whoever performed “Shinigami” as Yakumo Yurakutei would see their deceased loved ones for a brief moment.

And there you have it, the story of “Shinigami” has ended as the protagonist failed to transfer the life force from his master to himself and died.

However, I wonder if the 9th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei died too?

Nope, he survived but as for the story of “Shinigami”, it was all just a dream so it’s all good for now unless the grim reaper comes back to haunt the protagonist. But wait a minute, if the 9th Generation Yakumo saw his predecessor, does it mean that Bon or Kikuhiko stayed in purgatory? Nah, I guess it might be an illusion…

And that’s the end of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. I have nothing to say about this second season as it turned out great as expected! I have to say that Yotarou’s growth from being a greenhorn to become one of the greatest rakugoka ever lived is phenomenal that he brought some changes to those he cared about, from the 8th Generation Yakumo Yurakutei to his wife Konatsu.

As for the 8th Generation Yakumo, he sure changed a lot from being grumpy about losing his friend Shin and Miyokichi to becoming at ease when his life is about to run out. Not only that, but Yakumo is surrounded by good people who cared about him so it seems that the 8th Generation Yakumo didn’t leave any regrets in his life. Lastly, even though his death marked the end of the Showa Era, rakugo is still thriving to this day. Heck, this anime series might inspire someone to take rakugo in the future!

But that’s the end of Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu and I highly recommend on watching both seasons to appreciate how Studio DEEN did a magnificent job! With that said, I’ll see you guys around…

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