Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil Episode #11

Well everyone, looks like Tanya Degurechaff and her 203rd air mage battalion are supposed to return to base when they encountered an enemy mage battalion from the Allied Kingdom.

Out-gunned and out-manned, what will Tanya do against them? While the obvious choice is to retaliate but there’s one more problem that needs to address…

And that’s Colonel Anson Sioux as he returned with a vengeance, which Col. Sioux got God’s blessing and a trench weapon that we call today as a shotgun…

…that fires explosive shot pellets. Oh yeah, and if Tanya thinks that it’s illegal to use these trench guns in battle? Tough luck for her because all is fare when it comes to small arms, be it machine guns or shotguns!

Oh and to make matters worse, Anson Sioux is fully-prepared to blow himself up after being peppered by his own sub-machine gun.

Yeah, God or Being X sure is cruel when it comes to using devoted people, just to bring retribution to non-believers like Tanya.

In any case, Col. Sioux used Explosion onto Major Degurechaff. However, will it be super-effective against the Devil of the Rhine?

Well, Tanya barely survived from that explosion. That’s good for her and the rest of the Empire because losing one ace would lower their competence and morale in future wars.

With that said, the Republic was fallen thanks to the Empire’s brilliant strategy. However, it appears that the war isn’t over yet as they still need to deal with the Allied Kingdom as well as various countries that hated the Empire.

Also, seems that the armistice might be temporary as remaining Republican troops are leaving overseas, asking for help from the Allied Kingdom and the Unified States, and strike back against the Empire without warning.

This feared Tanya as the Empire might become vulnerable after achieving total victory against one country, which she knows damn well given that Major Degurechaff know the history and its outcome from her original world.

So while she’s pushing for a total cleanup against the fleeing Republican forces, the top military brass says no which pisses Tanya off. Now, she can’t do anything at this point because if Major Degurechaff disobeyed one order, Tanya is history!

Anyways, see ya next week for the final episode of Youjo Senki!

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