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BanG Dream! Episode #09

So after a one-week break for some weird reason, BanG Dream! is back as Poppin’ Party has finally assembled! While Saya Yamabuki will have to buy a drum set, seems that they receive a call which all the staff members … Continue reading

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Urara Meirochou Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Captain Saku’s two underlings as they flip their skirt, revealing nothing but an extension of their one-piece uniform. Then again, I wonder if they’re wearing underneath their uniform? Should these two are not wearing undies, Captain Saku … Continue reading

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Rewrite Episode #24

“I’ll show you fond memories, Kagari!” Hello everyone, it’s the final episode where Koutarou Tennouji must save humanity and Earth from destruction… In fact, its demise has begun thanks to Sakura Kashima’s meddling over the Key. I pity Sakura-san!

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Seiren Episode #12

This is Tooru Miyamae as she won the Miss Santa contest in her Inago Kamen: Crimson Santa Another costume! Yeah, she’s so amazing that the popular girl Hikari Tsuneki got wrecked. Sorry Tsuneki, but Miyamae-sempai is better than you!

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