BanG Dream! Episode #09

So after a one-week break for some weird reason, BanG Dream! is back as Poppin’ Party has finally assembled!

While Saya Yamabuki will have to buy a drum set, seems that they receive a call which all the staff members from Live House Space got sick and therefore couldn’t work for the time being.

Of course, Kasumi Toyama don’t want the owner Shifuna Tsuzuki doing all the work, so she and the rest of Poppin’ Party volunteered to become staff members.

After all, who wants an old lady cleaning the live house and setting up the equipment by herself all day?

With that said, the girls took this part-time job in order for Live House Space to run smoothly, from selling tickets and drinks to checking the volume and the lighting during the concert.

Well, Kasumi and her friends are doing fine but I wish that they could perform at Live House Space!

That’s where Poppin’ Party went back to the famous live house for an audition.

While everyone are fumbling with their instruments, Kasumi is enjoying it which is fine for some people…

…but not for the owner as she called Poppin’ Party’s performance as nothing more than amateur trash. Yeah, Tsuzuki-san told them to get better next time!

But wait, there won’t be next time as the owner told them that Live House Space will be closed down, which is sucks because Kasumi dreamed of performing there together with her band-mates.

With that said, I’ll see you next time as it’s time for a drama in BanG Dream!

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