Rewrite Episode #24

“I’ll show you fond memories, Kagari!”

Hello everyone, it’s the final episode where Koutarou Tennouji must save humanity and Earth from destruction…

In fact, its demise has begun thanks to Sakura Kashima’s meddling over the Key. I pity Sakura-san!

But let’s go back to Koutarou as he was apprehended by his former team-mates at Guardian and accused him of betraying everything.

Well excuse me Arata Imamiya, but Tennouji has a date for Salvation!

Therefore, Koutarou punched Arata in the gut and told him and Touka Nishikujou to take care of the kids, including Akane Senri, Chihaya Ohtori, and Kotori Kanbe.

Sorry Imamiya, but you have to play as a babysitter once Tennouji saves the planet!

Now that he’s done with Guardian, it’s time for Koutarou Tennouji to take on Gaia as he must face the biggest monster that guards the tower.

Yeah, this tyrannosaurus rex-like creature doesn’t give a fuck on intruders and he’s willing to complete Earth’s destruction!

Not that Koutarou cares about Gaia’s goals as he used his rewriting powers to enhance himself, just to defeat Gaia’s guardian and reach the top of the tower!

Then again, seems that the T-Rex monster is a pain in the ass that Koutarou lost a leg. Good thing Tennouji grew it back…

…so he can land a decisive blow against this creature. And since 8-bit didn’t show the aftermath of this battle, I’d say that Koutarou defeated the Earth Dragon!

Now let’s move onto the top of the tower where he encountered Sakura Kashima, seeing the destruction of Earth from afar.

While Koutarou have arrived to the top, seems that the song has stopped and it appears that Sakura didn’t respond to his words, meaning that Kashima might be dead. Sucks that Koutarou didn’t have the chance to tell Sakura-san that there’s still hope for humanity to change their ways.

On the other hand, seems that he saw Iko-saw who is the former owner of the orphanage and now part of Gaia’s choir.

It’s painful to see this reunion after Iko-san is away for a long time. And sadly for her, it appears that she and the rest of the choir failed to trigger Earth’s destruction, meaning that Iko-san died in vain. Gotta say that Koutarou was saddened about it!

Now that both Gaia and Guardian are finally defeated, it’s time for Koutarou to see Kagari and tell her that the conflict is now over, meaning that she can finally witness fond memories of humanity.

Unfortunately, Kagari told him that if only she saw it sooner and therefore stopping the planet from its demise.

However, she applauded Koutarou for his efforts of bringing hope for humanity in which they can rebuild Earth once more. Now, the only thing that Koutarou needs to do is to kill the Key in which he can’t do that!

But alas, he did it anyway and Tennouji felt distraught upon stabbing Kagari with his sword. I mean, Koutarou wanted to save Kagari and stay with her forever…

Of course, I feel that both Kagari and Koutarou will meet again someday as she kissed Tennouji before saying good-bye!

And thus, Koutarou have managed to save Earth and humanity at the cost of countless lives including Kagari and himself.

But even though human civilization has been reduced to the ice age, there’s potential to correct their mistakes and steer towards a bright future!

Meanwhile, the girls from the Occult Club are here to summon one special familiar. Who could that be, if you may ask?

Why it’s none other than Koutarou Tennouji who grow his hair and now wearing a tuxedo.

While he’s eager to take any command from the likes of Kotori and Akane, Koutarou wants them to go to the moon because he wants to meet a special person for a long time!

And so, Koutarou Tennouji and the rest of the Occult Club traveled to the moon, thus ending the series right here!

For my overall impression, I’d say that the second half of Rewrite is better than the first in a substantial way. Even though there’s some improvements like Koutarou’s character development from a perverted protagonist to the Earth-saving hunter, I felt disappointment that Shuuichirou Suzaki took his role seriously as the final boss, as well as Sakura Kashima who didn’t hear Tennouji’s speech on saving both Earth and humanity. I guess her senility kept her on deaf ears till the end!

Oh and if you think that this is the conclusion to 8-bit’s adaptation of Rewrite, there’s more to come as Koutarou arrived at the Moon to see one important person…

And that my friend is none other than Kagari as she’s happy to see Tennouji again. What a beautiful reunion!

Anyways, I’ll end this post right here as Kagari and Koutarou Tennouji kissed. I’m gonna miss both of them!

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