Seiren Episode #12

This is Tooru Miyamae as she won the Miss Santa contest in her Inago Kamen: Crimson Santa Another costume!

Yeah, she’s so amazing that the popular girl Hikari Tsuneki got wrecked. Sorry Tsuneki, but Miyamae-sempai is better than you!

Anyways, it’s the final episode of Seiren where we’ll witness the conclusion of Kyouko Touno’s story arc.

While she’s enjoying her time at the Home Economics club like making a Christmas tree to cakes, it seems that Kyouko-chan is forgetting one person who is serious on dating her…

And that’s none other than Shouichi Kamita as he saw how beautiful his childhood friend every single day. I guess joining the Home Economics Club has helped Kyouko on working her charms.

With that said, it’s time for Shouichi to take Kyouko-chan to the rooftop!

Sorry Nao Tokioka, but he’s interested on dating his childhood friend.

But anyways, it’s time for their date at Kibito High’s rooftop. It’s a bit chilly, but they manage the cold when Kamita-kun gave Touno a warm place to sit using her hand-crafted boxers. Yeah, it’s handy in these cold situations!

Now then, I think it’s time for both of them to see each other not just friends nor neighbors, but lovers. C’mon, these two can’t remain in a platonic relationship any longer as both Shouichi Kamita and Kyouko Touno need to step it up!

And thus, they end up kissing each other as the school festival ends with fireworks, folk dances, and other stuff to celebrate after manning the food stalls all day!

Well folks, it’s the end of Kyouko Touno’s arc as she and Shouichi became a married couple a decade later and got a daughter too. I have to admit that it’s not as bad as Hikari Tsuneki’s arc, but it’s not as good as Tooru Miyamae’s arc. In fact, it’s somewhere in the middle between the two previous arcs. Other than that, I’m glad that it showed Kyouko’s maturity during her own story arc which Shouichi has more reason to date her!

And that’s the end of Seiren as I give you the final shot of this series. Kudos to Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ for creating the successor to Amagami, but I feel that it needs more work like adding more heroines in the future.

Anyways, peace out and let’s hope that there’s more to come on Seiren!

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