Urara Meirochou Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Captain Saku’s two underlings as they flip their skirt, revealing nothing but an extension of their one-piece uniform.

Then again, I wonder if they’re wearing underneath their uniform? Should these two are not wearing undies, Captain Saku might have a word for both of them!

Anyways, this final episode is all about hot springs as the girls from Natsume-ya are relaxing after passing the promotion exam in the previous episode.

Yeah, Chiya and the rest deserved for a vacation before moving to the Labyrinth Town’s 9th district, which Nina-sensei will be sad that her students will be moving to another school!

So, she decided to get drunk with Captain Saku because Nina-sensei wants to clear her sadness with sake.

Honestly though, Nono Natsume is very afraid on her tipsy sister!

And speaking of Nono, it appears that the 9th-rank Ura seal and various items are stolen while bathing.

Yeah, that ain’t good for the girls because if they lose the seal, they can’t enter the 9th district and go up the urara ladder!

But thanks to their teamwork, they managed to find their belongings where Chiya brought it hidden from a waterfall.

And look, they found their stuff without any damage! Then again, it turns out that Nina-sensei wants to purify their belongings before going to the 9th district, but her tipsiness made her forget about it.

Oh well, at least Urara Meirochou ended on a positive note. It was a fun show and these four girls got equal chances to take the spotlight throughout the series. While I want Chiya and her friends to continue their adventure for Season 2, I guess J.C.Staff will have end like this.

Anyways, good luck to these girls on reaching 1st-Class Urara!

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