Little Witch Academia Episode #12

Here’s Diana Cavendish as she investigates the existence of the Grand Triskelion, which some might say it’ll help restore magic.

Sure that she’ll found a way to restore magic, but Diana should need to be cautious or something bad will happen!

Meanwhile, Luna Nova is preparing for the Samhain Festival and while Atsuko Kagari is aiming for the title of Moonlit Witch, she’ll have to settle with the sacrifice task instead.

And speaking of sacrifice, Akko and her fellow participants must devote their bodies to a bawling ghost by getting eaten by it and after a few days, the ghost will excrete the sacrificial witches once it’s done.

Naturally, this doesn’t sit well towards Kagari as she’ll rather do something different than get eaten by a ghost. Then again, she can’t run away at this point!

Still, Akko won’t accept the task as she tries to convince the teachers about changing it.

But instead of going to the faculty room, Akko encountered a strange mirror…

…which tells her that she’s jealous of Diana’s accomplishments and therefore wanted to be like her.

Oh mirror, mirror on the wall, I don’t think Akko will become Diana!

But it turns out that the mirror did it anyway as Atsuko Kagari changed her appearance into Diana Cavendish.

Sweet, now she can act like a top-honor student and pass it up as the real person!

However, the jig is up when the real Diana Cavendish showed up and told Akko that she’s not worthy of becoming the Moonlit Witch because Kagari abandoned her task.

Well, it’s her fault for leaving that sacrificial task behind but Diana’s comments of her unworthiness is pretty mean, which leaves Akko-chan feeling dejected! Sad for her…

Fortunately, Kagari’s motivation returned when she went to the Fountain of Polaris and saw more memories of Shiny Chariot, who wasn’t the perfect witch that Akko saw when she was a child. In fact, Chariot strives to get better every day in order to meet the expectation of others!

Also, Atsuko Kagari uttered the fourth word that’s essential to unlock the Shiny Rod’s true power. Still, Akko needs to work of the preparations for the upcoming Samhain Festival. So until then, let’s hope that the festival at Luna Nova won’t be a train-wreck!

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