Wake Up, Girls! – Beyond the Bottom

Well everyone, this is the conclusion to the story of Wake Up, Girls! as they return to Sendai to start over. While they have a great time in Tokyo, seems that Bi-vex is somewhat neglectful when it comes to managing them.

But thanks to Hayasaka-san, WUG got another chance of redemption leading up to the national idol competition. Gotta say that they’re doing well in Sendai!

But as for the I-1 Club, things are shaking up in a big way where Tooru Shiraki told Shiho Iwasaki that her team sold less than Moka Suzuki’s team, therefore demoting her as the center and sent Shiho to Hakata, Fukuoka.

Well, it looks like Shiho’s demotion was humiliating. However, will she start over in Hakata as a leader of I-1 Club’s idol unit Next Storm? We’ll find that out later…

Meanwhile for Wake Up, Girls!, things are getting better for them as they travel and perform across Japan.

Sure that they’re riding the company van with Kouhei Matsuda taking the wheel, I have to say that they’re doing great efforts to reach out WUG fans and newcomers alike!

Still, their national tour is doing well for Wake Up, Girls! until Mayu Shimada and the rest have reached Fukuoka.

There, Mayushi met her former idol-mate Shiho Iwasaki in which she told Shimada that her idol group Next Storm are in equal footing against Wake Up, Girls!, leading up to the upcoming Idol Festival competition.

Well, I wish Shiho good luck on the competition but I want WUG to win it all!

But let’s go back to I-1 Club where Moka Suzuki and her mates are preparing for the competition as well.

And while Moka is a newcomer when it comes to leading the girls, I wonder if the pressure as the center will take her toll?

Anyways, going back to Wake Up, Girls! as they’re qualified for the Idol Festival. However, they need another original song as a requirement.

In typical Hayasaka fashion, he won’t make another song for WUG as Tasuku wants them to show their true strength. Well, at least Hayasaka-san gave them a song to perform for the qualifiers.

Also, the musical duo Twinkle who provided the first song to WUG are very busy with their tour that they have no time to make another one.

That’s sucks for the Sendai-based idol group, however it gives them an opportunity to make one song for themselves!

Oh and to make matters worse, remember Nanami Hisami’s dream of joining the Hikarizuka Revue theater, only to decline the offer during the TV series?

Well, it turns out that Nanami’s father want her to join Hikarizuka because that’s her true dream. Of course, Nanami still wants to be part of Wake Up, Girls! but if the rest wants Hisami to achieve her dream, I think they should let her go… until Nanami decides to return to the idol group!

As for WUG making their own song? Let’s just forget about that as Junko Tange recruited Katsuko Satou as the composer, who is a former member of Saint 40 and now sings at a bar.

On the other hand, it turns out that Junko Tange helped Katsuko Satou on overcoming her depression after Saint 40’s disbandment. Well, I’d say that I have some respect for Tange!

And finally, here’s some WUG fans as they decided to create a fanclub and rally everyone to support Wake Up, Girls! leading up to the Idol Festival.

Yes, they went through thick and thin on supporting the girls since the beginning. But anyways, the day has arrived as the Idol Festival commences in Tokyo!

However, seems that Wake Up, Girls! got one girl returning as they welcome back Nanami Hisami. I guess she wants to be with her fellow idols on reaching greatness, which reminds me of Kotori Minami!

With that said, it’s time for the main event as WUG prepares to take on the I-1 Club!

But first, it’s time for Shiho Iwasaki and the Hakata-based idol group Next Storm to *ahem* bring the storm in Tokyo with their hyped-up performance!

You know, it would be nice if there would be a spin-off centered around Next Storm. However, I think the staff and the whole production committee wanted to promote Wake Up, Girls! completely.

Second is the I-1 Club led by the newcomer Moka Suzuki. Not too shabby considering that it’s her first time taking the center role.

But even though they’re the favorites, I think it’s time for an idol group to take the stage and deserve a win…

…as Wake Up, Girls! became the last group to perform with their original song “Beyond the Bottom”.

I have to say that Katsuko Satou did her magic for this serene yet uplifting song! In fact, it was her composition that propelled Saint 40 to stardom before fading away.

And speaking of Saint 40, seems that Tooru Shiraki saw Wake Up, Girls! as a reminder of his previous idol group before making I-1 Club.

Heck, even Tasuku Hayasaka knows that WUG is the idol group that Japan needs, but didn’t deserve because there’s the I-1 Club. But you know what, WUG represents how Sendai is getting up from their feet after the Tohoku Earthquake and they’ll continue to help the people of Sendai to smile again!

Anyways, it appears that Wake Up, Girls! has finally won the Idol Festival and I have to say that these seven girls deserved this victory which they not only cherish this moment, but to dedicate it to the people who supported them back home!

And that’s the end of Wake Up, Girls! and to be honest, it was a good send-off to these seven girls and the staff at Green Leaves. While I feel that some elements from this movie are unnecessary such as Nanami Hisami’s woes of joining Hikarizuka, I’d say that I’m satisfied with this conclusion.

Although the idol group will continue their activities in the real-world, WUG has made history across Japan in the fictional world! So until then… Ganbappe, Wake Up, Girls!

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