Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- Episode #13

It’s time for the final episode as Denkigai Mayonnaise strikes back against Metrotica! Also, they want to take back Akihabara and restore the otaku culture!

Meanwhile, this guy named Masuto Niikura is about to run away from Metrotica as if he’s not involved with the organization.

However, both Tamotsu Denkigai and Matome Mayonaka caught up with him and they’re about to ask some questions about his involvement with Metrotica.

But first, time for him to receive a punch to the face. Yeah, Masuto-san got it coming!

Anyways, the reason why Niikura was forced to join Metrotica is because his boss Fukame Mayonaka wants to create an independent nation for the Bugged Ones… by reporting various incidents in Akiba so that everyone would think that it’s a dangerous place, hence the otaku ban was placed in the electric city.

Now then, let’s go to the final boss where Matome and Tamotsu must traverse to various traps and obstacles, including these two bodyguards who are voiced by real idols or something!

But you know what, Tamotsu will have to strip the Ototoi Friday duo as they’re a pain in the ass to deal with them in the long run!

Better take the preemptive strike before the enemy do some nasty things later. Now then, it’s time to meet Fukame Mayonaka…

…as she’s sitting in her throne, waiting for both Matome and Tamotsu to surrender because it’s revealed that the people are tainting the ki that surrounds the city.

Basically, Fukame hates otaku culture as it sullies the energy that’s being harnessed in Akihabara. But you know what, that’s her biased opinion as she didn’t go and meet other good people in Akiba! Only Matome have done that and that’s why she betrayed Metrotica!

But you know what, it’s time for Fukame to get back at her senses as Tamotsu punched her in the face.

Although punching Fukame Mayonaka did work, it would be better if Tamotsu stripped her like any other Hazoku.

Thus, the leader of Metrotica got angry as Fukame goes ballistic against both Matome and Tamotsu…

Eventually becoming a giant blob that’s bent on destroying Akihabara with no survivors!

Oh and to make it worse, Fukame took her granddaughter Matome as hostage. Um, I think she forgot about Urabe Mayonaka!

Anyway, here’s Tamotsu Denkigai as he struggles to rescue Matome Mayonaka due to Fukame’s impregnable final form.

Luckily for Tamotsu, Pyuko has returned from the dead to assist her master on saving Matome!

And so, they did just that as Matome was rescued from her grandmother’s clutches. Damn, glad that Pyuko is back!

However, they can’t beat the leader of Metrotica with their own strength. And really, it takes skill to defeat a giant or a Titan much like the Recon or Survey Corps from Shingeki no Kyojin.

Fortunately, seems that a miracle will happen soon as Manias have returned to rally every otaku within Akihabara.

But wait, Matome is with Tamotsu so there’s no way the idol group will perform with a missing member… unless Prof. Tejasvi Latu recruited Urabe to become a temporary member since she resembled Matome.

And speaking of Prof. Latu, seems that she has a plan to defeat Fukame Mayonaka by converting otaku spirit into energy by using a special light stick.

And after converting into energy, it was then transferred to both Tamotsu Denkigai and Matome Mayonaka which transformed into a giant!

And then a freaking huge drill that pierced the shit out of Fukame’s blob monster. Well, this battle is over!

And here’s Fukame Mayonaka as she accepted her defeat, telling her granddaughter Matome to protect Akihabara as she realized that the people bring joy and everything that’s good in the electric city.

In any case, Fukame disappeared into a puff of smoke as Metrotica is finally defeated.

It’s a shame that she didn’t go out and mingle with other folks sooner, but at least Fukame reconciled with her granddaughter in which Matome was distraught on losing her grandmother after this final battle!

Then again, seems that Prof. Tejasvi Latu vacuumed Fukame’s remains as she wants to ask questions from the leader of Metrotica.

Dammit Professor Latu, where’s my tears after that heart-warming scene!? WHY~!!!

Oh and as for this corrupt governor, seems that she met her match…

…when this maid turned undercover cop gave her the arrest warrant for accepting bribes from Metrotica!

Well, Shigusa Kiyoi is history as she’ll be put behind bars. And thus, Akihabara is saved and the otaku ban is finally lifted!

But that’s the end of Akiba’s Trip -The Animation- where even though Gonzo deviated the story from the video games, it’s still entertained me with various shout-outs and parodies. Sure that this series is somewhat bad, but Akiba’s Trip is so good that you’ll be laughing your ass off!

Now that Akiba is back to normal, looks like it’s time for Tamotsu Denkigai and Matome Mayonaka to spend their time as lovers since they have nothing to do at this point!

However, seems that they won’t get any time for some intimate moments as Tamotsu and Matome are greeted…

…by Niwaka and Arisa Ahokainen. Really you two, are you trying to cock-block Tamotsu so badly that you’re dressed up as some person from the future!?

Well actually, they came from the future as they told Tamotsu and Matome that there’s trouble at the Akiba Empire, so Niwaka and Arisa needed their help on stopping another threat!

Gotta say, this ending is so random but that’s okay because Akiba’s Trip is so bad that it’s good to watch it. Anyways, godspeed Denkigai Mayonnaise!

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