BanG Dream! Episode #10

Oh boy, seems that Tae Hanazono has lost her marbles after hearing the news about Live House Space’s closure.

Of course, they need to be worry about Poppin’ Party’s audition attempt as the clock is winding down…

But you know what, I think Kasumi Toyama and her band-mates need to learn some advice from Glitter☆Green.

I mean, they become regulars in Space for quite a long time!

Still, the only advice that Glitter☆Green can give to them was to think harder. Are they doing it for fun or they want to be regulars in Live House Space?

They can only choose one, but not both of them because it’s harder to pull it off! Now if they’re super-talented, Poppin’ Party can perform well and have fun doing it but they don’t have such things.

Anyways, Kasumi Toyama and her friends think a little bit harder on improving themselves, especially Kasumi where she wants to sing and play the guitar better.

Heck, Kasumi practice all day and she even go as far as taking notes from O-Tae. Then again, I’m worried that she might strain herself leading up to the audition.

And then, the worst thing has finally happened as Kasumi trained herself too much that she couldn’t sing. Well, I’d say that she should have take a few breaks here and there, but another thing that affected Kasumi’s singing is not just the pressure of passing the audition, but her fear that Live House Space will be gone.

In any case, Shifuna Tsuzuki told Poppin’ Party that they failed the audition yet again because Kasumi Toyama is an idiot for over-exerting herself, much like how Honoka Kousaka did that in Love Live! Season 1. Of course, I’m worried that their chances of performing in Space is getting slim…

Until next time, let’s see if Poppin’ Party can work it out!

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