ChäoS;Child Episode #12

Oh look, it’s Serika Onoe as Takuru Miyashiro is experiencing hallucinations inside his head. Of course, she told him not to give up on what he started regarding the New Generation Madness murders!

But anyways, Wataru Sakuma is about to complete his mission of breaking Takuru Miyashiro through mind control. Once he’s done, Dr. Sakuma will cast him away in front of an angry mob and have Takuru committed suicide.

C’mon, he’s doing it for science and show the Committee that he’s better than them!

Sadly for Dr. Sakuma, Takuru Miyashiro overcome the odds and killed his step-father for being an asshole to all that he did during the course of this series.

Well, that takes care of Wataru Sakuma and the whole case is solved!

Anyways, time for Takuru to confront his imaginary childhood friend Serika Onoe, who is still dead after being killed by Dr. Sakuma.

Except that Serika’s death was actually a lie as she tries to attack Takuru, revealing that she’s the mastermind behind the revived New Generation Madness murders so that Miyashiro can solve it to satisfy his curiosity.

Yeah, Onoe wants her childhood friend to not get bored on something like investigating the murders, but it’s time for Onoe’s charade to end.

And so, Miyashiro told her to give up as it’s all over. While he wants Serika to stay alive, Takuru will just confront the crowd at large as he’s the mastermind behind the murders.

With that said, it’s the end of ChäoS;Child as the Return of New Generation Madness murders is finally solved. Those who are involved in the murders like Mio Kunosato and Uki Yamazoe are likely to return to their normal lives, but the whole Committee will just move onto another deadly project as if the previous one didn’t happen.

For Takuru Miyashiro, seems that he’s under the custody of both Mio Kunosato and Takeshi Shinjou after Takuru was apprehended by the police. Of course, both Miyashiro and Onoe will be waking up and they’ll return to their normal lives like the rest of the cast, albeit the former will stay away from the public eye due to his involvement with the murders.

Now for my final take on SILVER LINK’s adaptation of ChäoS;Child? Well, it’s slightly better than ChäoS;HEAd but it’s still not as good as the rest of the Science Adventure Series. Now it would be nice if ChäoS;HEAd got 2 cours instead of 1 much like Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, it appears that the series wants to have the same number of episodes as its predecessor.

With that said, it’s time for me to leave this series. It’s been a fun, but rocky ride for Takuru Miyashiro and his friends!

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