Kuzu no Honkai Episode #12

Hey guys, it’s Noriko Kamomebata as she walks down the aisle, wearing a stylish bridal wear for the fashion show!

And here’s Hanabi Yasuraoka, watching Moka as she takes her pose while still bitter about her rejection from Narumi Kanai. Then again, Hanabi might start letting Narumi-niichan go since he’s about to get married soon!

But let’s go back to Noriko and at’s true that Moka still loves Mugi since they’re childhood friends, but I’m feeling that she’ll move onto another person in her life…

See that veil being cast away by Moka? That’s symbolism of letting Mugi go!

Wow, looks like the whole cast are moving towards a fresh start of their love life. Then again, will they find someone right to them?

Meanwhile, let’s go back to Hanabi as this guy wants to ask her for a date! Honestly, Hanabi has no interest to a stranger…

Not to mention that she’s been taken by Sanae Ebato who is now sporting a new haircut!

Just kidding, Ecchan wants to rescue Hanabi from lechers and they remained friends instead of staying as lesbians. Sucks that Hanabi and Ecchan never became a couple!

But the biggest bummer is that the HanaMugi ship has sank. Sure that they pretend to be a couple in the earlier episodes to cope up their loneliness, but eventually they’ll go to their separate lives after failing to capture Narumi Kanai and Akane Minagawa’s hearts, respectively.

It’s a shame that their fake relationship didn’t develop into a genuine one, but I guess they rather move onto someone else than comforting each other. I would bet that Mugi Awaya would return to Mei Hayakawa, but the chances of it will be slim since the series is almost close to finish already.

Anyways, the whole school campus are celebrating the wedding of both Narumi Kanai and Akane Minagawa, with Narumi sporting contact lenses instead of his glasses since he broke it.

Sure that Akane was changed thanks to Narumi’s constant pursuit of Minagawa despite her history of debauchery, but I worried that their marriage won’t last long.

As for both Mugi Awaya and Hanabi Yasuraoka, they walked to their separate ways and they’re hoping that they might find someone right for them. And that’s the end of Kuzu no Honkai.

Despite the fact that I’m salty about Mugi and Hanabi failing to get their respective loved ones, I say kudos to Lerche for this wonderful adaptation as they capture the bitterness of the story from beginning to end. Since I have nothing more to say on this series, it’s time for me to say good-bye.

With that said, I’ll end this post as Hanabi walks towards the horizon…

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