Little Witch Academia Episode #13

And now, we’ve finally arrived at the 2nd half of Little Witch Academia starting with Diana Cavendish as she summoned a familiar…

…which is a majestic unicorn that everyone was impressed by it! Yeah, pretty much the only thing that Luna Nova can show to the guests at the Samhain Festival.

But yeah, looks like Diana will definitely become this year’s Moonlit Witch at the festival! Of course, it’s not guaranteed that she’ll win it outright…

In fact, Atsuko Kagari and her friends are preparing to do the impossible during the sacrifice ritual…

…where she’ll become the sacrificial lamb for this giant wailing blob named Vajarois.

Oh, and you would think that she’ll just get eaten that easily, right?

Well, say hello to Akko-chan as she wants to play a prank towards Vajarois by transforming herself into various animals.

Oh, and plant some trees onto the blob’s head thanks in part to both Sucy Manbavaran and Lotte Yanson helping Akko around.

But the reason why Kagari is doing this instead of being eaten by Vajarois because she wants to put a smile on that blob’s face!

Yet despite her efforts, Vajarois couldn’t smile as she wailed much louder than before. I guess the only way for Akko to calm this blob down is to get eaten.

However, there’s still hope as while Kagari and her friends are falling down to their doom, Professor Ursula told them on how to stop Vajarois’ constant wailing.

According to Ursula, Vajarois swallowed a seed of sorrow in order to lament the loss of her friends for all eternity.

Wow, no wonder sacrifices are made to calm Vajarois down, yet they couldn’t solve the blob’s woeful cry.

But with that said, time for Akko and her two friends to go deep inside Vajarois’ belly and solve the problem by themselves.

And look, they finally found the seed of sorrow, being stuck to the blob’s stomach since the day Vajarois lost her companions.

Well then, looks like there’s no other choice but to pull it out…

…using magic and a little bit of pulling in order to broke Vajarois free from her suffering. I mean, it’s been ages since she cried for her friends and now it’s time to move on!

With one great pull, out comes the seed of sorrow and it follows a burst of light from the giant blob.

And look Vajarois has returned to her original form as she’s free from her eternal sorrow. Way to go, Akko-chan and friends!

As for the whole Luna Nova campus, they pretty much enjoyed Akko’s show despite breaking some rules which prevents her from becoming the Moonlit Witch. I guess Diana is the clear winner then…

But it doesn’t matter for Akko, Lotte, and Suzy as they had fun saving Vajarois instead of preparing for the inevitable!

Now then, I’ll see you on the next episode…

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