Sakurada Reset Episode #01

Let’s start this season with an anime adaptation of a Sneaker Bunko light novel series from David Production. This is Sakurada Reset (or Sagrada Reset) where it tells a tale of a group of teenagers who have special abilities as long as they remain in their town of Sakurada.

One of them is named Kei Asai who can remember anything. Nothing special about his ability, but Asai’s photographic memory is important to an important person…

This is Misora Haruki, a slightly-emotionless girl who has the ability to reset time for a maximum of three days. Of course, Haruki’s ability has some limitations such as not remembering anything prior to its reset.

This led Kei-kun to help Misora on mitigating those limitations as he can remember anything after a reset. Still, Misora Haruki won’t let Kei Asai on helping her.

On the other hand, both Kei and Misora are joined by two characters: Sumire Souma who knows Misora’s abilities, and Yousuke Sakagami whose powers is to copy abilities with his right hand.

Still, I feel that this show would be interesting as Sakurada Reset not only reminds me of both Hyouka and Kokoro Connect, but I expect David Production on adapting all 7 volumes of the original novels since this show will have 24 episodes!

But with that said, tune in next week as Kei Asai and his friends must use their abilities for their first investigate about a little girl who went missing 7 years ago.

By the way, Kei Asai tried to peek on Haruki’s memories via Yousuke Sakagami, but it seems that she forgot what sadness is like since Misora used her reset ability most of the time.

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