Clockwork Planet Episode #01

And now, I present you XEBEC’s anime adaptation of Yuu Kamiya’s other novel series aside from No Game No Life.

As much as I wait for the movie (and a potential Season 2 announcement) to arrive in a few months, it’s time for me to tackle Clockwork Planet, a series about robots and a post-apocalyptic Earth being rebuilt with gears by a mysterious man named Y.

Let’s start this show with the introduction of the male protagonist, Naoto Miura. BTW, this young lad is voiced by Yoshino Nanjou which I’m surprised for myself.

Anyways, Naoto loves clocks as he wants to fix’em all as well as making automatons. Then again, he’s not on the level of creating one for himself!

That is until a giant object struck down to Naoto’s apartment. Well, at least he’s okay but damn, it’s surprising that Naoto didn’t die on this first episode.

Anyways, Naoto Miura encountered what appears to be a coffin made of gears.

In it, the coffin contained a female automaton named RyuZU. Unfortunately, this automaton didn’t wake up right away as Naoto found defects in her system purely by sound.

Yeah, he’s an amateur clock repairman after all but what can Naoto do to fix RyuZU?

Well, by opening her chest cavity to reveal its mechanical heart. Yes, this involves stripping her top in order to access it!

With only a screwdriver and careful concentration, Naoto Miura managed to fix RyuZU’s heart by tightening her screws. And just when he’s about to celebrate his accomplishment…

…Naoto fell down again as the apartment collapsed thanks in part of RyuZU’s unexpected arrival.

Besides, his apartment is pretty much old and somewhat derelict!

Fortunately, RyuZU woke up just in time to rescue Naoto Miura from certain death. Lucky young bastard!

And so, Naoto Miura has officially become RyuZU’s master and in order to seal their bond…

…RyuZU performed a fellatio onto Naoto’s index finger. Isn’t it lewd, huh?

Anyways, I can’t wait for next week’s episode to see how hilarious and naughty this series is!

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