Kabukibu! Episode #01

And now, it’s time for Studio DEEN to introduce you to the world of kabuki with an anime adaptation of a light novel, which character design by the legendary manga artist group CLAMP.

Anyways, this is Kurogo Kurusu who is fascinated by kabuki at a young age that he wanted to make a club out of it.

But then again, kabuki is too old-school for young people (on this series anyway) and who wants to do it in modern times? But much like rakugo, kabuki needs more love and I’m hoping that Studio DEEN will show that Japanese performance arts are awesome!

For now, Kurogo Kurusu is struggling to find members of his kabuki club. C’mon, this classical art needs some exposure to modern audience!

While his friend Tonbo Murase doesn’t mind on joining Kurogo, the kabuki club needs people who can really act, perform traditional dances, or even have some links to a traditional kabuki family.

Then again, seems that both Kurogo and Tonbo found a jackpot in the form of Jin Ebihara who is not only a son of a famous kabuki actor Shiroganeya, but Jin can act and dance like a pro!

Although it’ll be a tough time for Kurusu to recruit Ebihara, having him on board would be beneficial for the kabuki club. So with that said, I’ll see you next week!

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