Re:CREATORS Episode #01

Ah TROYCA, the studio that brought you Aldnoah.Zero and Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru has finally back… with this new anime series where characters from various media are brought to this world.

No seriously, that’s the premise of Re:CREATORS as we start off with Souta Mizushino who wants to make his own story someday, but Souta will have to settle on watching anime, read novels and manga, or play video games.

So when Souta is watching his favorite anime series “Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier” on his tablet, something strange is happening where his tablet is getting out of control…

…to the point that he freaked out and dropped his tablet on the floor. Oh Mizushino, you’re over-reacting to such minor things like glitches!

And when his tablet hit the floor, the scenery has changed into that of the Vogelchevalier anime series.

Yes, this includes the robots that appeared on the show in which Souta was shocked to see it in person!

However, it looks like the robot is fighting someone that’s not from the anime series, but from a different world.

Anyways, this military-clad princess is telling the main character of the Vogelchevalier anime series to join her side and travel to the world of the gods.

But given that this princess is forcing the main character to join her cause by using her sub-machine gun as a violin, no one gives a shit about it!

Speaking of the main character of Vogelchevalier, this is Selesia Yupitilia who not only pilots the mecha of the show but she’s capable of fending off the princess’ attacks on foot.

Meanwhile for Souta Mizushino, he’s saved by Selesia but not before his tablet begins to glitch out again!

Eventually, Souta and Selesia transported to the real world. Yes, Mizushino’s home world where Princess Yupitilia’s world is nothing but fiction.

Yet despite of that, Selesia is here in the real world and she’s utterly confused at this point. Heck, even Souta couldn’t comprehend on what’s happening right now!

But then, the military-clad princess has arrived and told Selesia that the real world is actually the realm of the gods.

Also, it turns out that the military-clad princess wanted to punish those who created Selesia’s world or some sort, yet her intentions are vague at best!

Fortunately, Selesia Yupitilia got some reinforcements in the form of Meteora Estherreich who also came from her own world. And damn, she got a load of Stinger missiles to deploy at the princess!

Then again, it’s not effective against her as the military-clad princess made her retreat for the time being.

Well, I would say that the story of Re:CREATORS is a bit confusing that I couldn’t help it but laugh on how absurd TROYCA’s series is. It doesn’t help that the likes of Hiroyuki Sawano, Ei Aoki, and Rei Hiroe are involved on this show!

For now, Souta Mizushino will have to deal with two freeloaders from another world. My condolences to his allowance…

Anyways, I’ll see you on the next episode!

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