BanG Dream! Episode #11

Kasumi, being a rockstar is suffering…

Well, the doctors told Kasumi Toyama that her vocal chords are okay, but she needs to take a rest for the time being.

But even though her body will recover, Kasumi can’t sing at this point because the pressure of doing that in front of a live audience is very taxing both physically and emotionally. Oh, and let’s not forget that the clock is ticking for Live House Space’s closure, which puts Kasumi-chan even more pressure to sing but she can’t!

But you know what, Kasumi Toyama is not alone as she has friends to support her. I mean, Kasumi recruited them into her band in order to make music and perform together at Space. And also, they’re here to give her some courage so she can sing better instead of fumbling around words!

With that said, Kasumi Toyama can finally sing after getting out of her angst period. Now, my concern for next week’s episode is will her band Poppin’ Party can pass the audition or crash again. Anyways, I wish Kasumi and her friends good luck!

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