Eromanga-sensei Episode #01

And now, I bring you another series from the creator that brought you OreImo. It’s Eromanga-sensei where it revolves around Sagiri Izumi, a.k.a. Eromanga-sensei.

Yeah, she’s very shy that Sagiri is always in her room drawing lewd artwork and other stuff. Heck, Sagiri did an illustration online!

Also, let’s not forget about Sagiri’s step-brother Masamune (Yes, they’re not blood-related unlike OreImo) where he’s doing light novels for a living. Of course, Masamune Izumi didn’t know about the illustrator Eromanga-sensei until he realized that it was actually his sister Sagiri during one of the live broadcast.

But yeah, it was their first interaction in a year after their parents passed away. However, seems that Sagiri doesn’t want to talk to Masamune as she’s too shy to talk about her life as an illustrator. I mean, it’s weird for her to draw something that’s not safe for children!

With that said, A-1 Pictures did a good job on this anime adaptation so far. Of course, we have to be cautious on watching Eromanga-sensei so I’ll see you again for next week’s episode.

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