Little Witch Academia Episode #14

The Samhain Festival has already passed and everyone is talking about Atsuko Kagari’s miraculous magic when she rescued Vajarois from her eternal sorrow.

Of course, Akko’s twist on the sacrifice ritual during the Samhain Festival won’t be the center of discussion throughout the campus.

Instead, Luna Nova is facing a crisis as fairies are on a riot in regards to their share of the Sorcerer’s Stone. Worst of all, someone attacked the fire fairy and blame the witches for it!

So with the academy facing more trouble that they can’t handle, who will step up to save the day. And you’re expecting Shiny Chariot to return from her retirement and stop this crisis, right?

Nope, it turns out that a new teacher named Professor Croix has arrived to solve this problem… using modern magic.

Why modern magic? Because Croix believes that it’s the only way for magic to survive and innovate, even if it means sacrificing tradition for convenience.

With that said, Professor Croix used her magic gadgetry to sap the evil energy away from these irate fairies.

Oh, and convert that evil energy into something that’s useful like restoring a fire fairy after being doused in water by someone else.

The result, the fire fairy sprung back to life even if it means roasting Akko-chan in the process.

And thus, Professor Croix was loved by everyone that Luna Nova gave her a facility to do research on modern magic. Of course, a few people are skeptical about Croix’s inclusion into the Luna Nova faculty staff like Professor Finnelan and Ursula. In fact, seems that the fairy uprising was done by Croix in order to show that modern magic is the future.

In any case, things are about to get interesting on the next episode! While Professor Croix earned the respect of the whole campus, seems that she has an ulterior motive and I feel that Croix might become the antagonist of the whole series!

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