Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode #02

Oh look, it’s Glenn Radars again and it seems that he’s still lazy as ever after last week’s episode!

Heck, even Sistine Fibel is annoyed that after beating him in a duel, Mr. Radar still acts like a lazy teacher.

But Mr. Radars told Sistine that who needs to learn magic when it’s used for killing people anyway!

That’s when Sistine Fibel had enough and slapped Glenn Radars!

Well, the reason why she acted that way is because magic is important to her that Sistine promised to her late grandfather that she’ll explore the mysterious Sky Castle of Melgalius and find its secrets.

But as for Glenn Radars, he won’t bow down and apologize to Sistine as he’ll make an apology in his own way.

I wonder if he’ll act like an idiot as Glenn doesn’t like his job as a teacher, but he can’t because Glenn’s boss Celica Arfonia don’t want him to leave the academy.

Anyways, Mr. Radars used Shock Bolt in a different way that it can change its trajectory by modifying the chanting spell.

Wow, didn’t see it coming from that bastard teacher that everyone at the Alzano Imperial Magic School are starting to respect him!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to move onto the next scene where some thugs barged into the school campus and they’re searching for Rumia Tingel.

Why they’re finding Rumia? Because it appears that she came from a royal family who has a history of using magic or so I thought.

On the other hand, some thugs from Divine Wisdom are wanting to get their filthy hands on Sistine Fibel.

C’mon, they wanted to break and rape girls because they’re simply assholes to begin with!

But that was interrupted when Glenn Radars barged in without taking a hint of what’s happening to Sistine.

Well, it wouldn’t take long for Mr. Radars to realize that his student is in danger!

Of course, this thug won’t want Glenn reporting to the police or attempt to rescue Sistine, so he decides to kill him using magic because it solves everything!

But alas, seems that this terrorist failed to use his military-grade Shock Bolt and therefore received a beating from Glenn Radars, which turned out that he’s just sealing his magic and he’s proficient in hand-to-hand combat.

Wow, I feel that I want to take it back what I said about him from last week’s episode! Anyways, time for Glenn to rescue Rumia on the next episode…

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