Sakurada Reset Episode #02

This is Mari Kurakawa, a girl who was born from unfortunate circumstances where it turns out that she’s not the real Mari.

In fact, the real Mari Kurakawa died during labor where her mother was shocked to see her daughter’s heart stopped beating. So, Mari’s mother did the unthinkable and created a clone of her dead daughter, which is why this clone Mari Kurakawa exist today.

However, her parents realized that Mari is just a clone and therefore giving their daughter to the Bureau, which deals with people who has superpowers developed in Sakurada.

So yes, it’s sad that Mari Kurakawa was cast away by her parents with Mari’s mother leaving Sakurada in order to forget her ability to create clones. Of course, Kei Asai won’t want to end like that as he told Misora Haruki to do a reset.

So, Kei will do something stupid like cutting his own wrist in order to convince a member of the Bureau to save Mari Kurakawa using Yousuke Sakagami’s copy abilities.

Yeah, that’s gotta hurt but threatening works when they need to rescue someone like Mari Kurakawa!

Meanwhile, Kei Asai told his friend Tomoki Nakano to relay the message to Yousuke Sakagami… using his powers of course.

So with Yousuke receiving the message from the Bureau (even though they still refused to do this), it’s time for Asai’s plan to take shape!

Anyways, Kei met Mari’s mother as she’s about to leave Sakurada. With no time to waste, he told Kurakawa-san that her daughter loves her and therefore wanted to remember those precious moments.

Now then, time for Yousuke’s ability to take the stage as he copies Asai’s photographic memory to Kurakawa-san.

And to make it more effective, Tomoki told Mari-chan to convey her true feelings to her mother which he’ll relay it to Kurakawa-san.

Without holding it back, Mari Kurakawa said that she really loves her mother that Mari wanted to see her again!

And with that, Mrs. Kurakawa heard her daughter’s voice that she’s started crying.

Yeah, I guess she won’t be leaving town now that Mari’s mother realized that she really loves her daughter!

Lastly, here’s Sumire Souma as she’s inviting Kei Arai for an outdoor trip to the mountains… during a downpour.

Well, I have to say that hiking during a rain is weird and dangerous so Arai declined Souma’s offer. As for Sumire however, she continues her trip to the mountains because it’s fun according to her.

Sadly, it was a case of regret for Kei as he found out that Sumire Souma died at the mountains.

Worst of all, it turns out that Misora Haruki can’t reset this tragic event as she already used it. Yeah, that’s not how to end this episode at all!

With that said, it was a horrible memory for Kei that he regretted on stopping Sumire when he has a chance. Alas, the only thing he could do is to move on… two years later.

Anyways, I guess that’s the end of this episode. Tune in next week for a new chapter for both Arai and Haruki.

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