Clockwork Planet Episode #02

Here’s another character who is really pissed at the military for messing up the clockwork planet.

This is Marie Bell Breguet and she, along with her partner Vainney Halter, is part of the Meister Guild where Marie repairs anything that’s related to gears.

Meanwhile, here’s Naoto Miura and RyuZU are spending their time flirting and other stuff, from an internet cafe to his middle school somewhere in Kyoto Grid.

But speaking of Kyoto Grid, it appears that the city is being subjected to a massive purge that’ll claim 20 million lives.

Anyways, let’s go back to Marie Bell Breguet where she attempts to fix one of the Core Towers…

…using motion controls by pulling levers here and there. Yeah, it’s lame but would it be better if Marie wears a powered suit to do some repairs?

Then again, fixing gears from a distance is safe!

Meanwhile, Vainney Halter tries to hold off enemy robots until Marie’s repairs are done.

I have to say that Mr. Halter is so strong that I was wonder if he’s an automaton or not.

Anyways, Marie is done repairing one of the Core Towers but she has a long way to go before preventing the purge.

Unfortunately, seems that the Meister Guild order both Marie Bell Breguet and Vainney Halter to pull out. Defy the guild and Marie’s Meister license is gone, meaning that she can’t go inside the Core Towers.

Oh yeah, and this asshole right here named Limons is part of Vacheron, which they don’t care about numerous lives when purging one part of a grid as long as they make a profit or something nebulous. Oh, and he’ll blame Marie for the Kyoto Grid purge.

Yeah, it was frustrating moment for Marie Bell Breguet as she’s tied behind her back now that Limons and the military are stopping her from preventing the destruction of the Kyoto Grid.

All I can say is fuck those guys, they should toy with countless people by purging one city just because there was a bug that was deliberately set up by them!

Now let’s go back to Naoto and RyuZU as they’ve entered the Meister Guild, which I presume that they’re here to register for a license.

However, seems that both Marie Bell Breguet and Vainney Halter are surprised to see RyuZU in working condition.

Anyways, what’s gonna happen to Naoto now that he’s been spotted by Marie and Mr. Halter? We’ll find that out on the next episode!

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