Kabukibu! Episode #02

Hey guys, it’s Kurogo Kurusu and Tonbo Murase as they recruit Jin Ebihara to their kabuki club, which is still in the works because the club needs 5 people and a teacher to make it official.

Unfortunately, this is where Ebihara told Kurusu to give up already as performing kabuki is impossible for amateurs. After all, he’s part of a prestigious kabuki family so going down to an amateur level is insulting according to Jin.

Anyways, I think Kurogo and Tonbo will have to skip him for the time being, but I’m hoping that they can nab Jin down the line…

For now, it’s time for both of them to find other members starting with Kaoru Asagi who is part of the theater club.

Despite being a girl, Kaoru’s manly looks has attracted female fans at the cost of their male partners. Heck, she might become a member of the Takarazuka Revue in the future!

Of course, some guys wanted to beat her up, but not this time though as Tonbo becomes the shield to protect Kaoru’s ikemen face!

My condolences to Murase but that earned Asagi-sempai some respect for both him and Kurusu, which she might be interested in kabuki even though it’s performed by men (To be fair though, kabuki started out by a woman named Izumo no Okuni).

Next up, Kurogo tries to recruit Hanamichi Niwa who was a good traditional dancer before Hanamichi-sempai gave up to learn karate… because Niwa wanted to be a manliest man he’ll ever be!

But you know what, Kurusu thinks that Niwa giving up traditional dance will be a waste.

That’s because Hanamichi-sempai is still doing it when he’s alone. And damn, he’s so majestic that Niwa might do female roles in the future!

And this is where Hanamichi-sempai decided that he doesn’t want to act like a manly man anymore as Niwa goes to his feminine side. Nice job, Kurogo Kurusu!

Well, seems that Kurusu got two people who are interested in kabuki. But first, they need to experience it on the next episode!

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