BanG Dream! Episode #12

And now, it’s time for Poppin’ Party to start their preparation on their final audition at Live House Space!

C’mon, they need to train harder in order to get into the prestigious live house and perform there!

Eventually, it’s time for Kasumi Toyama and her friends to show Shifuna Tsuzuki that they’ve improved over their previous attempt. Let’s see if they could hold up till the end…

Turns out that Poppin’ Party did fine after tons of practice, especially Kasumi where she overcome everything after singing her heart out!

As for the rest of the band, they did well despite being nervous and all. Of course, I’m scared that their worries of not passing the audition might screw them over.

After all, most of them like Arisa Ichigaya and Rimi Ushigome admitted that they messed one part of the song. But, I’m hoping that it won’t be detrimental on passing the audition.

Now, the decision lies from the owner of Live House Space. Sure that she’s evaluating on whether the band did poorly or not, but I’m hoping that Tsuzuki-san would give them a pass!

And after some deliberation, Shifuna Tsuzuki has come to a decision that Poppin’ Party made it through the auditions.

Which means that they can perform at Live House Space after numerous attempts. These girls deserve it, but I wonder if the live house would still be operational?

With that said, I’ll see you on the final episode. But damn, Kasumi-chan and her friends have finally passed!

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