Eromanga-sensei Episode #02

Hey everyone, here’s a new character named Megumi Jinno who is Sagiri Izumi’s middle school classmate.

Come to think of it, she reminds me of Kanako Kurusu but more annoying because Megumin wanted Sagiri to go back to school and live her student life!

Anyways, she confronted Masamune Izumi as she joked about how small his dick is. Yeah, that hurts him much but Megumin is just pulling his leg!

Heck, I don’t know whether she’s a troll or not, but Megumi Jinno is a dangerous girl.

So much that Sagiri made a tantrum at her room, telling her brother to boot Megumim away as she doesn’t want to see her classmate.

Well, seems that Sagiri will have to coop up in her room for a little longer as she can’t go out and face the world yet.

And lastly, here’s another character who claimed that she’s number one in the Oricon light novel rankings.

This is Elf Yamada and she’s one of the rising stars in the light novel world!

She’s also Masamune Izumi’s rival as they met each other unexpectedly at the ASCII Media Works building. Also, Elf Yamada berated Masamune for not being on the rankings, but the editor criticized her for having simple and lame sentences in Elf’s works.

But with that said, looks like their rivalry between Elf Yamada and Masamune Izumi is on! Oh yeah, and it appears that Elf Yamada wanted Eromanga-sensei to do the illustrations for her novel, something that Masamune refused to do so since Eromanga is actually his sister.

Well then, I’ll see you next time for more Eromanga-sensei!

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