Re:CREATORS Episode #02

Well everyone, looks like it’s time for Souta Mizushino to take care of two freeloaders from various anime, manga, light novels, and games. C’mon, he can’t have the likes of Selesia Yupitilia and Meteora Estherreich going off by themselves.

Also, it turns out that Meteora came from an MMORPG called “Recollection of Avalken”. But anyways, Souta is helping Selesia on finding the creator of her manga-turned-anime series, “Elemental Symphony of Vogelchevalier”.

Eventually, they found this guy named Takashi Matsubara who is the author of Vogelchevalier.

Yeah, he expects a fan to come here and have an autograph or something!

But Matsubara-san didn’t expect his character on coming out of the manga and pointing a sword at him!

Um Selesia, I know that you want some answers from the author but if you kill Takashi Matsubara, you basically destroyed your own world so it’s not a good idea!

Meanwhile, both Selesia and Meteora met this girl named Mamika Kirameki who claimed that she’s a Magical Slayer.

Oh really, I don’t think that she’s the real thing as Mamika might be a cosplayer…

…except that she’s a legit magical girl or Magical Slayer! Now I lost my shit on this one!

Anyways, Mamika confronted both Selesia and Meteora as she was told by the military-clad princess that they must confront their respective creators and punish them. But since both of them fought the princess before, Selesia and Meteora refused to do it.

With that said, time for Magical Slayer Mamika to befriend them using her magic ’cause Nanoha is still a thing!

Then again, the fact that Mamika is destroying buildings while pursuing Selesia Yupitilia might reconsider her actions as it was horrifying.

Of course, Mamika won’t back down just because she’s being told by Selesia that her actions are detrimental to the real world, so she’s unleashing her ultimate attack…

…which would kill Selesia with this massive explosion. Not sure if Selesia Yupitilia would survive that but according to the author Takashi Matsubara, she might not make it without her mecha.

Fortunately, Selesia was saved thanks to this new character. Unfortunately, he’s basically bad news for the rest of the cast including Mamika Kirameki!

That’s because this character named Yuuya Mirokuji is the final boss of a manga called “Lockout Ward underground-dark night”. And yes, he doesn’t like snotty-nosed brats on bringing their ideals to this world!

Anyways, I would like to know what allegiance does Yuuya belonged to on the next episode…

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