Atom: The Beginning Episode #01

This is an anime show on how Hiroshi Ochanomizu and Umataro Tenma began their engineering career, starting with a sentient robot…

…which it have too much horsepower to handle such a tiny robot. Well, blame Umataro for putting too much!

But anyways, both Umataro Tenma and Hiroshi Ochanomizu are making a robot that can think on a shoe-string budget.

This robot, named A106, is capable of thinking like a human could do, from assessing the current situation to taking his own judgement. It’s a robot that they believe will define the future of society.

Still, Umataro and Hiroshi will have a long way to go before realizing their dream of creating a sentient robot. For now, they need funds to continue working on their project.

Meanwhile, Hiroshi Ochanomizu met Moriya Tsutsumi by accident. And I mean running over Moriya as he’s bound to a wheelchair.

But don’t let his disability fool you as Moriya is a top-ranked engineers from Nerima University.

In fact, his wheelchair can lift him up when he’s not sitting on it. Gotta say that Moriya is a genius, although he’s a bit mad that Hiroshi bumped him out of his wheelchair!

On the other hand, Moriya Tsutsumi has a sister named Motoko in which she has an interest towards Ochanomizu.

Nah, it’s not about his looks but Hiroshi and Umataro’s robot project. It would be bad if Motoko Tsutsumi stole their ideas for her dear brother.

Now then, it’s time for Ochanomizu to take his part-time job as he’ll participate in the Mecha City Parade led by Maria.

You know, it would be nice if she has humanoid legs. Also, loved how Yoshino Nanjou voiced Maria!

Anyways, let’s get on with the parade but it appears that one of the robots is having a fire at the battery compartment.

Now if the organizers leave the fire alone, it’s gonna be a disaster as it turns out that the robot General Takeuma has hydrogen fuel cells as its fuel source, meaning that it’ll explode upon being exposed to fire.

Fortunately, seems that one mysterious hero has assessed the situation and act accordingly to prevent a bigger disaster…

…by punching a pipe that holds water until a hold is made in order to shoot a torrent of it towards General Takeuma.

And here it is as crisis was averted while the crowd goes wild on how these string of events are part of the parade.

As for A106, he simply goes off without being noticed by everyone. Of course, there are a few people who saw A106 like Hiroshi’s sister Ran Ochanomizu.

Well, seems that she’s interested on her brother’s work but Ran is not alone for that matter!

Meanwhile, looks like their A106 robot is a complete success that both Ochanomizu and Tenma are celebrating… by holding their respective noses! Of course, they have a long way to go before perfecting their precious robot.

Anyways, I think that Atom: The Beginning is an interesting series to watch as it shows how Ochanomizu and Tenma became geniuses in the world of robot engineering. Everything looks good for this show and I hope that I wanna see more for next week!

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