Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai Episode #01

And now, I present you with a surprise addition to my coverage for Spring 2017! TNK is back and they’ve partnered up with Artland to create an ecchi anime based on Hobby Japan’s line of figures based on The Seven Deadly (or Mortal) Sins.

Oh yeah, and here’s one of them named Lucifer who was recently cast away by God because of her pride and arrogance. Now, Lucifer has become a fallen angel and arrived at the coldest parts of Hell, Cocytus!

There, she encountered Leviathan who is very, very infatuated on Lucifer that she wants to really wants to touch her angelic body,

Oh by the way, it’s uncensored so bless AT-X for airing it. Now then, looks like Lucifer is in a bind…

…as Leviathan sucks her tits. As always, bless AT-X, TNK, and Artland for this show!

Of course, she had enough of being molested as Lucifer pushed Leviathan away with her remaining holy lightning magic.

Oh and look at this, seems that Leviathan covered her crotch with only a band-aid! Welp, I have nothing to say about the fanservice of this show!

In any case, Lucifer has awakened her demonic side as she becomes the Demon Lord of Pride. Of course, in order to become a recognized demon lord in Hell…

…Lucifer must beat all of the demon lords that represents seven mortal sins, including the Demon Lord of Vanity named Belial.

Unfortunately, Lucifer is not in her state to beat them all as she’s recently awakened while losing one of her angelic wings in the process.

For now, it’s time for Lucifer to make her retreat until she’s stronger to beat all of the demon lords.

Oh yeah, and Leviathan joined Lucifer because she really loves the fallen angel!

One last thing, this is Maria Totsuka as she’s a devout Christian who saw Lucifer prior to her descent towards Hell.

And look, Maria saw Lucifer again as she brought Leviathan too. Yeah, she’s excited to see the angel again!

However, Lucifer killed Maria Totsuka on the spot because she’s no longer holy. Really Lucifer, what an ungrateful fallen angel you are for slaying one of your followers. Then again, it’s a sin to believe in fallen angels like Lucifer!

Still, it’s gonna be an interesting anime to watch even though it’ll be very titillating. Oh wait, screw the plot as I want some uncensored tits on my anime shows! Anyways, see ya on the next episode…

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